Operator of Namoi Tyre Service in Boolcarrol Road, Mitchell Hamilton, has a policy of encouraging school leavers into work experience and providing them with the opportunity to learn in the workplace.

‘Giving kids a go’ is a policy which pays off for businesses and their young workers.

“I was young myself in Wee Waa and know what it means to have that opportunity,” said Mr Hamilton.

“I am keen on giving everyone a go here.”

Tristan Biles is a young man who has followed the path open to him at Namoi Tyre Service.

“Tristan was in Year 9 at Wee Waa High School and I suggested to him he might like to undertake work experience,” said Mr Hamilton.

“He came down to Namoi Tyre Service and did some work after school, showed a lot of potential and could do everything that we wanted.

“He put his name down to come back the following year as a job placement.

“He showed a lot of interest and improvement and at the end of Year 10 he wanted to get a job and he came down and asked me and I said ‘yes, definitely.’

“He has been here for nearly nine months now.

“Tristan is on the payroll as a full time employee,” said Mr Hamilton.

“He is a trainee, but he is actually a salesman – he can sell tyres and cover many aspects of work here.

“He is pretty impressive for a 16 year old bloke.

“You have to give people a go and show them the way you would like them to go,” said Mr Hamilton.

“Tristan is growing in the job.

“We have a policy of taking students in at Namoi Tyre Service.

“The school phones us and we will take two each year when they do a Year 9 and Year 10 work program. A teacher comes along now with them for a few hours, with all OH and S issues observed.

“The COVID-19 crisis interrupted the program otherwise we would have more kids now.

“It is a program we are most definitely keen to continue in the future.”

Mr Hamilton guides the young work experience students.

“We see the young people who come here learn in the workplace, technical skills, leadership, social skills, and customer service skills, which is ‘the front line of the business’,” Mr Hamilton said.

Namoi Tyre Service receptionist and business co-ordinator Louise Russell said that Tristan was ‘an amazing worker.’

“I can’t fault him – he hasn’t had a day off since he has been here,” added Mr Hamilton.

“He enjoys the job – it’s good to see kids who want to do something like this.

“Tristan meets customers, he works helping with wheel alignments, he will work in all aspects of the workshop, dealing with all makes of tyres for all kinds of vehicles.

“Tristan does computer work, answers the phones, administration – everything.

“If you phone here and we are flat out, Tristan will answer the phone and will sell you a set of tyres.

“He was a quiet kid, but kids open up and gain confidence when they come here and undertake work experience.”

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