The NSW Government will begun charging returning international travellers for their hotel quarantine accommodation from 12.01am on Saturday, 18 July.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the NSW Government’s decision to introduce mandatory hotel quarantine for returning overseas travellers had been instrumental in reducing the spread of COVID-19 not only in NSW, but also across Australia.

“NSW is the gateway to Australia, with more than 35,000 Australians citizens and permanent residents returning from overseas processed through our hotel quarantine system since March 29, 2020,” Ms Berejiklian said.

“The NSW taxpayers have footed much of the bill so far, with more than $65 million spent on quarantine accommodation to house international travellers returning to Australia.

“Australian residents have been given plenty of time to return home – and we feel it is only fair that they cover some of the costs of their hotel accommodation.”

The Minister responsible for hotel quarantine in NSW Stuart Ayres said the state’s robust hotel quarantine system had been an effective tool at reducing the spread of COVID-19.

“Over the past few weeks, the majority of new COVID-19 cases in NSW have come from overseas travellers in hotel quarantine,” Mr Ayres said.

“Housing large numbers of international travellers returning to Australia posed a major logistical challenge, however it’s one that has been successfully managed.

“NSW Police, NSW Health officials and the accommodation industry will continue to work together to provide the nation’s leading hotel quarantine system.”

Fees and payment:

  • Travellers will be charged $3000 for one adult, additional occupants can be added as follows:
    • Additional adults: $1000 each
    • Additional children: $500 each
    • Child under three: no additional cost
  • Eg. Family of two adults and two children over the age of three would pay $5000.
  • Eg. Family of two adults and four children over the age of three would pay $6000.
  • The hotel quarantine fee includes accommodation and daily meals.
  • At the end of quarantine, travellers will receive an invoice to pay within 30 days.

Hardship arrangements will be available.

Travellers who purchased their flights before 11.59pm on July 12 AEST are excluded from quarantine charges. Conditions apply and evidence will need to be supplied. These travellers will still be required to quarantine in government arranged accommodation.

The NSW Government will continue to fund security, transport and logistics.

No additional application will be required, all international travellers will automatically be directed into hotel quarantine per the current process.

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