Campdrafting made a comeback recently for the first time since COVID-19 restrictions paused the sport for close to five months.

The Cubbaroo Campdraft was held at Burren Junction on Saturday August 1 and Sunday August 2.

The popular event attracted a good and enthusiastic crowd, but everyone adhered to restrictions and exercised COVID-19 precautions.

There was plenty of fun and strong competition for older and younger competitors.

The pure joy of competing in your first campdraft was written all over four-year-old Lucy Timmin’s face when she collected her rainbow ribbon.

Lucy didn’t claim first prize, but everyone in the under 8 cut out felt like a winner because they all got to take home a ribbon.

“She was over the moon,” said Lucy’s mum Lisa Timmins.

“And ‘rainbow’ is her favourite colour.”

Mrs Timmins said the Cubbaroo Campdraft was particularly special to her family because the event used to be held at her grandfather, the late Ron Radford’s property before the event was moved into Burren.

The small but mighty Cubbaroo Campdraft committee did a wonderful job to pull the event together.

“Thanks so much to everyone,” said one of the organisers Sandy Shearer.

“We had a cracking weekend – beautiful weather, terrific cattle, a safe surface and a brilliant group of people who were just happy to be there.

“Great drafting, great people, great weekend.”

Results from the campdraft are as follows:

Sadler Family under-8 cut out:
Winner – Alex Thompson.

Spray Tech 8-and-under-11 years draft:
First – Indi Kelly, second – Kate Hall, third – Blake Thompson, fourth – James Paas and fifth – Koby Clarke.

11-and-under-13 years:
First – Candy Brooker, second – Max Shearer on ‘Kim’, third – Max Shearer on ‘Kath’, fourth – Ella Hunt and fifth – Dallas Kelly.

13-and-under-15 draft:
First – Hayden Clarke, second – Myles Williams, third – Arki Shearer, fourth – Myles Williams and fifth – Nick Palmer.

15-and-under-17 draft:
First – Hamish Palmer, second – Brooke McKinnon, equal third/fourth – Lucas Williams and Lara deJong, and fifth – Lara deJong.

Murray Holcombe Memorial Campdraft:
First – Julie Duff (93), equal second/third – Joel Duff and Trudi Gunn (90), and equal fourth/fifth – Warwick Southern and Melissa Southern and Adam Pollock (88). Ian and Carol Clarke Achievement Award – Tracy Walker.

Eagle Hustler open draft:
First – Stewart Boyce, second – David Armitage, third – Phoebe Knight, fourth – Adam Pollock and fifth – Doug Jamieson. Ian and Carol Clarke Achievement Award – Rolanda Swain.

Rayleigh Poll Herefords novice draft:
First – Lachlan Ezzy, second – Scott Brooker, third – James Keyte, fourth – Troy Clarke and fifth – Paul Colwell.

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