The Courier printery was the venue for a celebration on Friday, August 28 to mark the 40th anniversary of staff member Robyn Collett’s employment at The Courier.

The printery could have been filled with former colleagues, community members, social correspondents and many others for whom Mrs Collett has been the contact point, adviser and co-ordinator in her role at The Courier.

However, COVID regulations meant the guest list was limited to 20.

Forty years with one company is a notable achievement.

Mrs Collett joined The Courier on August 25, 1980 as a typesetter.

“Forty years ago you joined The Courier staff and have been a key reason why The Courier has been able to operate as a successful business into its 107th year, 2020,” proprietor Ian Dunnet said at Mrs Collett’s 40th Anniversary event.

“The past 40 years have been times of major change to which you have adapted with willingness and cheerfulness, meeting the challenges of new technologies, new people coming to the staff and others leaving, good times and not so good times in the industry.

“Your support and commitment has meant that the proprietors, nowadays myself and Wanda, have been able to maintain and operate the business successfully.

“During the past 40 years you have been a very valued and vital part of the organisation, always supporting your fellow staff members and always mindful of the intricacies and sensitivities in dealing with issues which can arise with Courier customers in the community.

“You have been production supervisor, grammaticist, punctuationist, stylist and archivist for your 40 years at The Courier,” said Mr Dunnet.

“Your knowledge of The Courier and understanding of its role have underpinned the paper’s respect, credibility and success as a local newspaper.

“Among your talents you know where apostrophes go and when a possessive ‘s’ applies. These are rare skills these days.

“Congratulations on achieving your 40th anniversary with The Courier. We look forward to your next 40 years with the paper.”

Co-proprietor Wanda Dunnet also acknowledged the contribution that Mrs Collet has made to The Courier over four decades.

“Robyn has worked in the production of The Courier from paste-up to pagination, typewriters to computers, Pagemaker software to InDesign and darkroom to digital technology, Robyn has been a constant and has mastered them all.”

Former proprietor John Dunnet and his wife Megan were special guests at the event, as was Robyn Dampney, nee Dunnet. John Dunnet also spoke of Mrs Collett’s major contribution to The Courier, referencing other long serving staff members in the paper’s history, notably the late Ivor Janes and the late Clyde Kay.

Mrs Collett responded, thanking the Dunnet family for the occasion and proposing a toast to the ‘100 years of The Courier.’

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