I write in response to the letter titled ‘Electoral boundary redistributions are ‘arms length’ from the government’ (The Courier, September 8).

I will work with anyone who genuinely holds the interests of the residents of the Barwon electorate, in this context the residents of the Narrabri shire.

To that end, I put aside petty politics, ignore the opportunities for point scoring and instead stick with giving the residents of this area an effective voice.

Point scoring politics and misrepresentation are driving loss of opportunities, that drives population loss, and that in turn kills services.

We live with the negative results of mindless political point scoring every day.

I invite Ms Jansson to actually respond to my call that government is held to account for population, opportunity and service decline.

For ease, you can read more about why we should be concerned about population on my website.

I did not at any point suggest the NSW government controlled the boundary redistribution, for Ms Jansson to suggest I did is a gross misrepresentation.

Roy Butler, Member for Barwon

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