I write in relation to our Deputy Premier’s perceived ‘stunt’ last week saying that unless the SEPP44 (State Environmental Planning Policy (Koala Habitat Protection) 2019) was put back on the table for discussion, he and his colleagues would cross the floor.

There’s always something far deeper to something that just appears to be a stunt.

And now it emerges.

There are serious flaws in SEPP44, that if allowed to go through in its current form will be like shutting NSW down for business.

Protect koalas? Absolutely!

But SEPP44 includes many dozens of tree species such as cypress pine forests that koalas do not live in.

The mapping in SEPP44 is seriously flawed.

If it takes a stunt to finally bring the Liberal Party back to the table to rework this before it’s made law, so be it.

The people, businesses and future of NSW is worth fighting for.

Thank you John Barilaro for getting this significant issue back on the agenda for discussion. You’re one brave man!

This week it has emerged that NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian privately admitted there were flaws with the koala protection policies causing division in her government.

She owned up to the flaws, but not publicly.

I have great admiration for Gladys, but on this, the leadership of John Barilaro in defending the best interest of every person and business in NSW is to be commended.

Jocellin Jansson, Chair , Narrabri Branch of the National Party

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