Every day Wilga Hotel publican Eric Nixon sees trucks and cars wheel around the corner into Buri Street and speed past the Pirate Park, going too fast.

Mr Nixon has organised a petition, with nearby resident Narrabri West Post Office operator Cathy Redding, highlighting the safety issue. They and many others want signs telling drivers to slow down.

Hundreds of people have signed the petition.

“It’s dangerous for the kids,” said Mr Nixon.

“We are seeking to have the speed limit lowered in the section opposite Pirate Park and perhaps have the road declared a ‘shared zone’.”

For some time Mr Nixon has been worried about the potential for an accident near Pirate Park. He has seen some ‘near misses.’

“The park is very popular – it is often packed with kids and families,” he said.

“The council does a brilliant job maintaining it as an attractive place for kids.

“But I see kids leaving the park, and like kids everywhere, running ahead, darting out to the road between the parked cars.

“Cars and trucks often come around that section too fast.

“That, and little kids running onto the road can be a recipe for an accident.

“We are now circulating a petition and will present it to the shire council to go to the traffic committee for action.

“We need signage telling drivers to slow down – there are kids about.”

The petition to be presented to the council is getting plenty of support.

“We have got hundreds of signatures – people have no hesitation in signing it,” said Mr Nixon.

“It is just a matter of having the section designated and two ‘shared zone’ signs erected – I will dig the holes and concrete them in myself if the council provides the signs,” added Mr Nixon.

“Pirate Park is the busiest children’s play area in Narrabri – it is very popular with kids, particularly in the school holidays, on weekends and for children’s parties.

“We are urging the council to erect speed limit or shared zone signs to slow traffic down in that part of Buri Street.”

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