Vincent Brian Michael Carrett entered the world in a hurry on Thursday, October 1, forcing his mum Carrie-Anne Carrett, and her support crew, to pull over on the side of the road between Wee Waa and Narrabri so Carrie-Anne could give birth.

“Roadside surprise – he was a lovely roadside surprise,” said Vincent’s grandma Jenny Carrett who was driving Carrie-Anne, at pace, down the Kamilaroi Highway towards the Narrabri Hospital on the day.

“He was determined to be here,” said Vincent’s mum Carrie-Anne.

“He was due on September 30 but he obviously decided he didn’t want to be a September baby.”

Vincent is a happy and healthy baby weighing eight pounds and 14 ounces and has a beautiful mob of dark hair.

His dad Matthew Carrett and older brothers Dominic, 9, and Xander, 2, are thrilled with the new addition to their family and baby Vincent slept peacefully throughout the entire The Courier interview.

“Yeah, he’s a pretty chilled and laid back baby,” said Carrie-Anne.

However, Vincent’s arrival was far from calm. In fact, it was pretty dramatic – to say the least.

“It all started about lunchtime,” said Carrie-Anne.

“I felt a bit uncomfortable so I rang Matt at work to tell him and then I phoned Jenny about bringing the boys over to her house – that was about 1.40pm.

“I thought I could get the boys ready but the contractions were coming in hard.”

“When she didn’t show up by 2pm I started to get a bit worried,” added Jenny.

“I was at home trying to get ready, but I was in labour – my friend Ros came over to help and at that point, I was just thinking ‘I don’t want to have this baby in the kitchen’,” said Carrie-Anne.

Jenny rushed over to pick-up Carrie-Anne and her friend Ros Mills, and they planned to head straight to Narrabri Hospital.

Friend Trevor Copelin stayed to look after Carrie-Anne’s sons.

“I just remember throwing the boys and suitcases at Trevor and saying ‘we’re in a hurry’.”

“I was driving, Carrie-Anne was next to me in the passenger seat and Ros was in the back because I thought ‘I don’t want to do this by myself, I need Ros’,” said Jenny.

“I just kept saying ‘it’s okay we can do this’.”

“We were ready if we had to be,” added Ros.

“I could tell Carrie-Anne was trying to hold the baby in, I said ‘should I go faster?’ and she said – ‘yes, I need to push’. “

Carrie-Anne was incredibly composed under the circumstances and was on the phone to Narrabri Hospital and then phoned Triple-0 on their way to town.

“I was as calm as I could be, my adrenaline was running and I was saying ‘I’m not having this baby on the side of the road,” said Carrie-Anne.

“She did absolutely brilliantly,” added Ros.

“We got to where Vic Melbourne’s property is and I thought – we’re going to need to pull over. I wanted to find a clear sign so we stopped in front of the Auscott gin turn-off sign and I took over the phone call with Triple-0,” said Jenny.

“They told me I needed a towel, a baby blanket and a safety pin for the umbilical cord and I was thinking ‘I don’t even have a shoelace let alone a safety pin.

“And then her water broke just after I put the towel down.”

Carrie-Anne’s husband Matt, who works as a mechanic near Narrabri, rushed to meet them and arrived just before the three ambulances – two from Narrabri and an ambulance from Wee Waa.

“There were lights flashing and then the first two ambos were two young blokes, I don’t think they knew what they were in for but they were all brilliant,” said Carrie-Anne.

Carrie-Anne managed to get into the ambulance and was finally bound for Narrabri Hospital, but less than 10 metres and 10 minutes later little Vincent arrived at 2:57pm.

“I said I need to push and then the next push he was here,” said Carrie-Anne. “They called Matt around to cut the cord.”

Carrie-Anne said she felt a huge sense of relief when she heard the sound of Vincent’s first cry.

“I just thought thank God and thank God that’s over.

“He was a little bit cold because he came out so quick but he was all good.

“I don’t do things by half measure, I think I only just made it to the hospital by 15 minutes with Xander.”

Carrie-Anne said she was incredibly grateful to the ambulance officers, especially the young officer who delivered Vincent.

“Young Alex did such a good job and I told him if I didn’t have a Xander already then I would’ve named the baby after him.”

Vincent’s delivery story is certainly one for the family history books.

The exciting story has been the talk of the town but it’s something Vincent’s mum and dad are taking in their stride purely delighted with their healthy bundle of joy.

“Yeah, even when we got to the hospital people were like ‘oh my gosh – that’s the baby who was born on the side of the road’,” added Carrie-Anne.

Matt said he’s very proud of his wife and glad there was a happy ending.

“I’m definitely not having a fourth,” said Carrie-Anne.

“And if I do – it’ll be a home birth and I’ll call the same delivery team.”

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