St Vincent de Paul, ‘Vinnies’, in Narrabri is searching for extra volunteers to join its team.

The Narrabri shop is now on the look out for people to join the team and become a part of the community-serving organisation.

Vinnies North West area manager Julie Crosby said volunteers get a lot of benefits from working at the store.

“It gives people an opportunity to meet other people and make friends it can be a great social place,” Ms Crosby said.

“We’re in desperate need of more volunteers.

“That feeling of supporting your community and giving back is great plus you will make some friends and learn new skills.”

The shop is on limited hours due to COVID restrictions but will aim to return to its previous operating hours heading into the new year.

“We’re not asking people to do five days a week, it could be a couple of hours a week or maybe one Thursday a month for example,” Ms Crosby said.

“There is a strategy called mutual obligation, if you’re over 55 and on a benefit and a job seeker, you can do 15 hours a week and not have to look for outside work.

“It’s open for all age groups male or female.”

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