We are in the home straight for 2020. What a year!

A pandemic, the best harvest since 1996, it’s exciting to see main streets all across Barwon and regional NSW full of people again.

Tourism has played a major part in sustaining economic activity from June to October 2020. I am sure we all hope that continues.

As restrictions ease, please stay vigilant in managing the risk of COVID. The virus is still out there, and will keep coming back until we have an effective vaccine.

Predictions are that we will have a vaccine by mid 2021, and that 20 per cent of NSW will be vaccinated by September 2021. We have done well to keep the virus out of our communities, please keep up the good work.

I wish for you and your families a safe Christmas break. If travelling, please take care on the roads.

Regional health inquiry

This Sunday, December 13, is the last day to make a submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into regional health care.

Through this inquiry the committee (made up of Upper House Members of parliament) will examine health outcomes, patient experiences, wait-times and quality of care for people who live in rural, regional and remote NSW.

The committee will also look at access to health services including the barriers we face in western NSW.

This inquiry is a once-in-a-decade chance for your opinions and experiences on the health system to be heard by a Parliamentary Committee.

If you or someone you know needs help making a submission, please contact my office.

Budget funding for school bus route extensions

I have been approached by numerous families across the electorate seeking to have school bus routes extended. The extension of these existing routes would drastically lessen the strain placed on these families. Some families who have reached out to me are having to drive their children up to 40kms to the bus stop – this place an enormous amount of both mental and financial pressure on these often young families.

It has been my pleasure to make representations on behalf of these families to the Minister Toole requesting assistance and guidance for these families. I was delighted to see in the 2020-21 budget the allocation of $1.6 million towards bus services throughout NSW.

This includes regional and metropolitan bus services, school services and funding of new and replacement buses.

Beware scammers!

As we approach Christmas, I would like to issue a timely reminder to people of the financially devastating effect that scammers can have on a community.

Whether it is a business, charity or individual effected, the people
behind scams are ruthless convincing and often very targeted in who they scam.

Currently there is a scam circulating targeting charities who have advertised in reputable publications. Scammers are able to get the charities contact information from the advertisement.

They then send false invoices for advertisements they claim have been placed in other publications, this includes following up with threats of debt recovery.

If you receive an invoice requesting payment for something you do not recall signing up for or you are not sure about please contact my office.

Please do not ever hand over of personal details or issue payment for work you have not agreed to.

School award book night donations

Last year I sent out more than 100 books to schools across Barwon for their annual presentation nights.

This year I am pleased to be donating book prizes once again to all schools across the electorate.

I have spoken a lot about the need for more financial literacy education, to help set our young people up for life post school.

My titles this year go to helping support that.

All primary schools in the electorate will receive a copy of “What do kids need to know about finance” and all high schools will receive a copy of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” with central schools receiving both – to be given out on presentation nights.

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