The Tattersalls Hotel has overseen its ownership change with the Endeavour group – formerly the ALH group – buying the 108-year-old pub in early November.

Rob Edge has transitioned into the pub’s management role and is the new licensee on the block.

He has relocated to Narrabri from Erina on the Central Coast and was previously the licensee at Cardiff’s Iron Horse Inn near Newcastle.

“I’ve lived on the Central Coast all my life and (here) it’s a lot different from being on the coast, but the town has been great,” Mr Edge said.

“First day I got here it clocked up to 43 degrees.

“I’ve worked in hospitality for the majority and it can take you all around the world, fortunately for me, it’s brought myself to sunny Narrabri.

“All of my family is back home, but I’m adaptive and looking forward to seeing what Narrabri is all about and offering good hospitality.”

The hotel changed ownership hands from Michael Chappell and Megan McLean who had operated the pub for two-and-a-half years.

Woolworths acquired the hotel on November 16 and rebadged the bottle shop to BWS, which was formerly Bottlemart.

Woolworths is an 85.4 per cent shareholder of Endeavour Group which has 52 hotels across NSW further highlighting the investor interest in the town.

“BWS is a part of the building and under my license, but we  also have a bottle shop manager too,” Mr Edge said.

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