Stuart Black and Tracey Rex are a remarkable team.

For many years, Tracey (18 years) and Stuart (seven years) have participated in the annual NSW Variety Bash, driving a vintage car through regional parts of Australia fundraising for Variety, the charity for children in need.

Throughout the Bash, the drivers visit local towns, dropping into schools to call in on the children.

They get to see the direct impact of their fundraising efforts along the way, with a range of educational, health and mobility equipment provided to local schools and organisations enroute.

Tracey and Stuart have chosen to be a part of Variety to help children who may be disadvantaged by where they live, what life has thrown at them or anything at all with which Variety can help children. They provide scholarships, donate equipment, supply wigs for alopecia sufferers, and have supplied funding for buses so that kids in remote places, including Gwabegar and Burren Junction schools, can travel on excursions.

The events are all about having fun, with festivities along the way, from theme nights to entertainment and activities and games on the road.

In 2017, Tracey’s long association with Variety came with an accolade from the charity – an induction into the NSW Variety Bash Hall of Fame was awarded in recognition of Tracey being the first and only woman who had completed 15 NSW Variety Bashes.

All monies raised by Stuart and Tracey go to Variety.

They spend all year fundraising and enjoy visiting schools in the various communities.

The planning for a 2021 Bash is still in the early stages and uncertain with COVID restrictions changing periodically.

“We are hopeful this year’s Bash will go ahead,” Tracey said.

“We have raised $2800 so far and we need to meet the $4000 requirement for entry into the 2021 NSW Variety Bash by April 30,” Tracey said.

On Friday, January 22 Tracey and Stuart held a cake stall and a 100 raffle drive at the Narrabri main street kiosk to raise funds, which was well-supported by the Narrabri community raising over $1200.

If readers would like to further support Stuart and Tracey, they are welcome join Stuart Black’s Facebook page where a virtual 100 club raffle is running.

“The cake stall was a great success. Stuart and I would like to thank the Narrabri community for their support today and most importantly, the support you have shown us for the past eighteen years”, Tracey said.

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