The 2021 Santos Festival of Rugby has been labelled as a major success by event organisers, as well as players, fans and many in the Narrabri community.

The festival included a welcome event at Narrabri’s Tourist Hotel, as well as NSW Waratahs and Queensland Reds captain’s runs and a junior rugby clinic at Collins Park on Thursday, a long lunch at The Crossing Theatre on Friday which was followed by the Waratahs v Reds game, and across both Friday and Saturday an abundance of sevens matches played at Dangar Park by a range of teams from the Australian international side to Narrabri Blue Boars junior girls and senior women’s sides.

There was live entertainment from local talent Elsie Ford and DJ James Duncan, as well as the likes of Thirsty Merc, Furnance and the Fundementals and Georgia June.

Narrabri Rugby Club president Mick Coffey told The Courier that he was struggling to find the words to describe how proud he was of the Santos Festival of Rugby.

“I genuinely don’t have the words to describe how fantastic the whole thing was, how great it’s been” Coffey said.

“We got lots of verbal thanks and handshakes over the weekend, but we’ve just started to receive emails and messages from people too, they are taking the time to properly thank us and I’m pretty proud.

“The club, the committee, all the volunteers and everyone who helped out, it’s something Narrabri is good at, we pulled it off.

“I cannot thank my committee enough, they all did so much hard work.

“There are a lot of other people around the club who volunteered a lot of their time too, we really appreciate it.

“Our Narrabri Shire Council was great too, the limited time for preparation did not deter them, they just helped get everything done.

“This will go down in the club’s history as something that will never be forgotten.

“From talking to people in the lead up we knew people were excited for an event to come to town so they could get out and have some fun.

“And they got that.”

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