The Raise Foundation will again be running its successful Youth Mentoring program at Narrabri High School in 2021.

Young people are struggling to cope, dealing with so many challenges including depression, anxiety, fear of the future, bullying, and staying connected and engaged with school.

Worst of all they find it really hard to ask for the help they need.

Current statistics indicate that 50 per cent of lifelong mental health conditions start in the teen years.

Raise is working to tackle this through their mentoring programs which are designed to intervene at this critical point, providing the right support at the right time.

This program provides neutral positive role models from our local community who can take the time to really listen to what a young person is saying.

Raise partners with schools to support the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework to empower young people to become more resilient, ask trusted adults for help and build hope for the future.

Becoming a youth mentor is beneficial for both the young person and the mentor. Involvement in the program provides mentors with a unique one-to-one experience that increases sense of purpose, providing an opportunity to give back, connect with the community and make a real difference in a young person’s life.

Mentors have reported beneficial outcomes including contributing to the community, improved listening and parenting skills and a connection to the younger generation.

Raise has an aim to offer our early intervention mentoring program to every public secondary school by 2025 and to do this we need the help of the Narrabri community.

To keep the program running Raise requires 15 mentors for Narrabri High School.

To ensure the best outcomes for our young people Raise requires mentors to be 21 years or older and available two hours each Tuesday morning, where they will commit to a young person every week between April and October (excluding school holidays).

Raise has been running this program at Narrabri High School now for six years and has provided proven results with more resilient, capable and confident Year 8-9 students emerging at the end of the program.

Sometimes the results are not immediately apparent but years after attending the program something will resonate with the student which will bring about positive change.

Raise provides mentors with expert training and once matched with a student the program is structured, managed and supported by a qualified Raise counsellor.

Training consists of six online training modules (approximately three to four hours) and one full day virtual groups training session.

To be eligible for training applicants will require a working with children check and a police check.

Feel free to contact Raise at or on 0406 485 536 with any questions or help you need when making your decision about becoming a Raise Mentor, or visit

Applications will close shortly so sign up today and be the difference a mentor makes.

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