My rather comprehensive submission to achieve full recognition for thousands of Vietnam veterans from all over Australia, together with numerous attachments, is now with the politicians.

These men were compulsorily called-up under the threat of two-years jail to fight against oppression in South Vietnam.

They completed their honourable and lawful service and are still waiting to be ‘thanked’ with a medallic award.

It has taken more than 30 years with much outside assistance to get to this point.

I have taken a new direction, ideally through the Prime Minister understanding limitations of a closed matter based only on criteria, when a new, empathetic approach under the laws of equity should be possible.

Nearly 21,000 people have supported this public campaign to date whilst it has been shared elsewhere over 8000 times with more than 116,000 visitations.

I sincerely appreciate this tremendous response.

In addition, former prime ministers, ex service associations like the RSL, National Servicemen’s Association of Australia and politicians from all sides have sent supportive letters in this multi-partisan quest.

You can help by now writing a personal letter of support for the award of the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal to these 3,000 National Servicemen Vietnam veterans to:

The Hon Darren Chester MP, Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Parliament House, CANBERRA ACT 2600 OR email to

Richard Barry OAM, Narrabri

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