The annual Narrabri Arts and Craft Society open day is back again this month.

The event, taking place between 10am and 2pm on March 20, will see the exhibition centre, classrooms, and craft shop open to the public on Saturday – a rare occasion for the volunteer-run establishment, according to society president Judy Michell.

“This year the open day coincides with our monthly Verandah Saturday, so the craft shop will be open as well as the rest of the centre,” she said.

“Since our staff are unpaid, we usually don’t open every weekend, so this is a great chance to come along and see what the Arts and Crafts Society has to offer.

“And, if you find something you’re interested in, you can sign up as a member and attend our range of classes.”

There will also be some creative talents showing off their skills on the day, with a range of demonstrations available such as pottery.

Meanwhile, the art gallery will display local works including paintings, mixed materials, and photography.

Mrs Michell says people of all creative interests will find something of value at the Arts and Crafts Society open day.

“Whether you’re interested in purchasing locally made crafts from our store, or exploring the classes we teach, there’s something for everyone here,” she said.

“We’re encouraging anybody and everybody to come along to the open day. A lot of us have been doing arts and crafts for a long time, but we welcome all ages and levels of experience – we have a few young ones which get involved, and would love to welcome even more people.”

From handmade cards, to plants, to knitting, you can buy it all from the craft store. And, if the idea of learning a new creative skill takes your fancy, there’s plenty to pick from including sculpture, crocheting, card making, sewing and a variety of artwork styles.

“Whether you’re working or retired, our classes give you time to pursue your creative interests in a friendly environment of like-minded people,” Mrs Michell said.

“I think it gives local people a fun little social outing to look forward to each week.”

The Arts and Crafts Society take pride in being an inclusive group, that welcomes everyone from craft novices to artistic pros.

Mrs Michell says this is part of what makes the club so special.

“We don’t judge people whether they’re good, bad, or otherwise.

“And if you need help learning a new skill, there are members who will lend a hand.

“You won’t get funny looks just because you’ve never tried a certain type of craft, everybody’s willing to help each other out,” she said.

“For example, I’ve just finished my first patchwork bag. It was never an area I was confident in, but there’s always someone nearby to share their wisdom and help you get started.”

Mrs Michell says the open day is also a great way to encourage tourism and boost interest in the Narrabri Shire.

“I think this centre is a great way to show off our area’s talent,” she said.

“Since we’re located on the highway, we get a lot of tourists stopping in, and it’s great to be able to share the work of our local creatives with people from all over.”

A morning tea will be provided to guests for a gold coin donation.

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