Narrabri Harness Racing Club will host two meetings next week – a non-TAB meet on Easter Monday, April 5, then a TAB meet on Sunday, April 11.

It will be a welcome return of the sport at the Narrabri Paceway after last year’s non-TAB meeting was cancelled and the TAB meeting was moved to Tamworth amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 2021 Easter Monday meeting will feature a six-race cards which includes the heats of the John Dean Memorial as well as the Santos Cup heats.

The April 11 TAB meeting, named the Carnival of Cups meet, will host the final of the Santos Cup and John Dean Memorial finals as well as the Narrabri Cup and a Club Menangle Country Series qualifier among other races.

“We couldn’t be any more excited,” Narrabri Harness Racing Club president Peter Shepherdson said.

“With all the rain we’ve had the grounds are a picture.”

The bar and tote will run as normal in 2021 and there will be no entry fee.

Fields for Monday’s meeting are below:

Race one (1pm) – Narrabri Ag and Tapscott Services Station Pace (2160m):
$3,499 NR up to 55. PBD/L5$. Mobile

1 89s79 RIPPIN GOOD FEELIN  Jamie Donovan Jamie Donovan NR49 FR1
2 95766 NAVUA GIRL  Anthony Varga Anthony Varga NR51 FR2
3 908s4 JOGALONG BLUE  John Lew Greg Lew NR49 FR3
4 62788 FARRAHFOWLER  Timothy Varga Timothy Varga (C) NR49 FR4
5 653s9 GLEN INNES BOY  Ronald Neal Christopher Shepherdson NR50 FR5
6 39657 APOLLON  Dean Chapple Elly Chapple (C) NR42 FR6
 —————————— Second Row ——————————
7 59247 HIGH STAKES  Andrew Ison Sam Ison NR54 SR1
8 59244 PEGGY SUE SHANNON  Les Enks Lola Weidemann NR52 SR2
9 0s422 DATIZIT  Gregory Coney Madi Young (C) NR55 SR3
10 78582 GLEN INNES LAD  Dean Chapple Dean Chapple ODM NR47 SR4


Race two (1.35pm) – Tourist Hotel and Luke McGrath Farrier Service Pace John Dean Memorial Heat One (1760m):
$3,499 No NR. RBD. Mobile

1 TRUNKEY GRACE  Bernie Hewitt NR50 FR1
2 23778 BLISSFULL IDENTITY  Michael Finlay Scotty-Jon Welsh NR43 FR2
3 65976 DREAMOUTS NIECE  Lola Weidemann Redclif 01/04/2021 Lola Weidemann NR38 FR3
4 448s2 IM PLAIN JANE  Jamie Donovan Jamie Donovan NR46 FR4
5 6940s KILLARA INSANITY  Garry Shepherdson Christopher Shepherdson NR45 FR5
6 LIMOUSINE LIFE  Jarred Hetherington Murray Sullivan NR50 FR6
 —————————— Second Row ——————————
7 3468s MARLEY BROMAC  Andrew Ison Tom Ison (C) NR48 SR1
8 6s436 HAND WRITER  Anthony Missen Blake Hughes (C) NR46 SR2
9 s9338 MISS SOCIAL MEDIA NZ  Ty Robson Dean Chapple NR30 SR3


Race three (2.10pm) – CGJ Glass and Aluminium and Richards Metal Supplies Pace John Dean Memorial Heat Two (1760m):
$3,499 No NR. RBD. Mobile

1 0977s MISS NEA STAR  Peter Lew Sam Ison NR43 FR1
2 3800 MISS MARAVU  Jarred Hetherington Murray Sullivan NR47 FR2
3 CEBRANO SON  Rob Durrant Sarah Rushbrook NR50 FR3
4 s40s4 JUST TULLY  Ronald Neal Dean Chapple NR47 FR4
5 0855 BROCK SING  Lola Weidemann Lola Weidemann NR48 FR5
6 0s88s KISS THE AVIATOR  Michael Carroll Nathan Townsend NR35 FR6
 —————————— Second Row ——————————
7 587f6 IN A LUCKY PLACE  Anthony Missen Blake Hughes (C) NR44 SR1
8 65 FEEL THE SPIRIT  Norman Soles Tom Ison (C) NR49 SR2
9 44807 OUR BETTOR DANCER  Stuart Glasby Stuart Glasby NR45 SR3


Race four (2.45pm) – Tyrerite and Watson Kitchen Pace Pace (2160m):
$3,499 NR up to 55. PBD/L5$. Mobile

1 75158 LOVIN EVERYDAY  Michael Carroll Nathan Townsend NR52 FR1
2 09519 SUNDOWNER SHANNON  Ian Mabbott Anthony Varga NR44 FR2
3 2186s PENNY A PACKET  Russell Murray Jemma Coney (C) NR50 FR3
4 41720 ATTAHUA ACE  Scotty-Jon Welsh Rory Brown (C) NR31 FR4
5 5s143 TALK TO ME BABY  Julie Hobday Brad Elder (C) NR52 FR5
6 14327 COMMANCHE  Scotty-Jon Welsh Scotty-Jon Welsh NR44 FR6
 —————————— Second Row ——————————
7 31825 BRIE  Dean Chapple Dean Chapple NR54 SR1
8 68114 SMILING  Dean Chapple Lola Weidemann NR50 SR2
9 42011 DONT TELL DOROTHY  Dean Chapple Elly Chapple (C) NR43 SR3
10 31914 POINT OH FIVE  Andrew Ison Tom Ison (C) NR55 SR4


Race five (3.20pm) – Daisy’s Water Carrier, Gordon Roadways and Bell and Johnson Solicitors Pace Santos Cup Heat One (2160m):
$3,499 NR 56 to 75. PBD/NR. Mobile

1 s5824 AKUMA  Caitlin McElhinney Caitlin McElhinney (C) NR54 (A56) FR1
2 77612 MAC STUBBORN  Anthony Varga Anthony Varga NR56 FR2
3 78480 CAPITAL CULLECT  Peter Shepherdson Blake Hughes (C) NR54 (A56) FR3
4 76751 NOR WESTA  Dean Chapple Dean Chapple NR56 FR4
5 45828 GOTTA RUSH  Sarah Rushbrook Sarah Rushbrook NR57 FR5
6 16164 OUR STELLA ROSE  Lola Weidemann Albpark 03/04/2021 Lola Weidemann NR60 FR6
 —————————— Second Row ——————————
7 14333 MONTANA NIGHTS  Garry Shepherdson Christopher Shepherdson NR63 SR1
8 7540s BASSEY  Sam Ison Sam Ison NR66 SR2
9 73371 RIGHT ON WITH IT  Dean Chapple Elly Chapple (C) NR70 SR3


Race six (3.55pm) – J and H Windscreen, C and D Electronics and Wilga Hotel Pace Santos Cup Heat Two (2160m):
$3,499 NR 56 to 75. PBD/NR. Mobile

1 48445 FUTURE FUN  Garry Shepherdson Christopher Shepherdson NR53 (A56) FR1
2 78473 PACIFIC COIN  Lola Weidemann Lola Weidemann NR49 (A56) FR2
3 53657 DARBY BRIGHTS  Lola Weidemann Lola Weidemann NR49 (A56) FR3
4 59229 NEVILLE SHANNON  Les Enks Anthony Varga NR55 (A56) FR4
5 056s1 DIESEL DON  Kenneth Natty Brad Elder (C) NR56 FR5
6 17275 OVERTHEMOON  Andrew Ison Tom Ison (C) NR57 FR6
 —————————— Second Row ——————————
7 35135 JUST TOMMY  Sam Ison Sam Ison NR61 SR1
8 8s868 EMM AYE DEE  Dean Chapple Dean Chapple NR64 SR2
9 154s5 IM SO BETTER  Anthony Missen Blake Hughes (C) NR67 SR3
10 009rs MAC ALMIGHTY NZ  Dwayne Brown Rory Brown (C) NR70 SR4


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