On Wednesday, April 21, the Wee Waa Lions Club hosted lunch at Wee Waa Bowling Club to celebrate NSW Seniors Week and announce the Lions Senior Citzen of the Year – Kevin Horne.

Julie Dowleans (OAM) emceed the event, opening the celebration by introducing entertainment from St Joseph’s Primary School.

The stage three class brought along artworks to share with guests at the lunch, and four students prepared spoken word pieces.

Max Vogel delivered a poem, Ruby Graham read out an original LionsLionsnarrative, Ted Haire performed a recount about rugby and Jiaying Knight recited a narrative she wrote about crystals.

Students then met and spoke with some of the seniors in attendance, before the guests settled in for the Lions Citizen of the Year announcement.

John Hunt delivered grace, before Mrs Dowleans spoke about the award’s history, beginning in 1985.

She listed the previous award recipients, including last year’s winner Ronan Revell, before announcing the 2021 award winner, Kevin Horne.

“Kevin is not a public person, and you certainly won’t find him at Tuckerbag shopping, but behind the scenes he is only too happy to help and be of assistance to anyone needing it,” Mrs Dowleans said.

“For 11 years he was the face of the Boolcarrol School Bus and every year his passengers received an Easter chocolate rabbit, as well as bon bons and a bag of lollies at Christmas time.”

“Not to mention the once a term patty cake and poppa trip home.”

Mr Horne is also heavily involved in the pony club with, Mrs Dowleans saying: “he can always be found at the washing up tub helping the kids with their plates and cutlery”.

Mr Horne continues to ‘do his bit’ for the Wee Waa community “chopping pine wood for what he calls ‘the oldies’ to start their fires in winter”.

An active member of the local football scene too, Mr Horne has been involved as a player, coach, referee and committee member.

“He also helps out with Meals on Wheels, and is a volunteer driver for Namoi Care,” Mrs Dowleans said.

“The Wee Waa Lions Club hope this nomination is met with approval,” she concluded tearily.

Mr Horne was presented with his award and memorial plaque, as well as a gift certificate for Wee Waa Bowling Club.

Lunch was served by a group of Wee Waa High School hospitality students.

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