Claiming Dine and Discover vouchers is no simple matter.

I decided to apply online – I filled in all the details using my Medicare and health care cards as these were two of the choices.

Both were verified so I thought I was ‘home and hosed’. Not so. Nothing happened, so I did it all again but kept getting a message that the details were verified.

After many more attempts and then trying my birth certificate, I decided to be game and tried chat.

What an experience that was, to say the least.

I explained what the problem was but kept being told to make sure I had filled in all the details correctly, which I said I had.

Not sure how many times I was given these instructions.

When I said I had tried my birth certificate to no avail, the person to whom I was chatting couldn’t understand what I meant when I said naturally the details weren’t correct as I had changed my name on marriage.

She gave up on me and suggested chatting with a Service NSW specialist.

This I did for some time, also to no avail.

Eventually I was told to go to a NSW Service centre and show my Medicare card and a utilities bill.

I’d had enough by this time and when I was asked if I wanted to leave any comments, I decided against doing so.

Back to the service site for one more try – used my out-of-date passport, and low and behold, I now have my vouchers.

Not sure that I want to try for Carl’s as I can’t use the same email address as mine and he doesn’t have one.

I wonder how many people are missing out on these vouchers for similar reasons?

Thalia Phelps, Rowena

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