The Namoi region welcomed the return of soccer on Saturday when the 2021 season finally kicked off for both junior and senior teams and their players.

The sport has grown in the Narrabri Shire this year following a COVID-affected 2020 season.

Namoi Soccer League clubs Narrabri FC, Narrabri Elevens and Wee Waa United FC have all grown their squads so significantly that they have all been able to add reserve grade teams for the 2021 campaign to accompany their respective first grade teams.

There has also been a boost in junior numbers.

Narrabri Junior Soccer hosted the first week of its 2021 season on Saturday morning as youngsters swarmed Gately Fields.

Teams played round robin-style trial matches ahead the first round of the season which will be played this Saturday.

More than 300 junior players have taken to the fields in 2021 which president Danny Laws said was higher than both 2020 and 2019.

He added that a lot more female players had signed up to play which the association was pleased with.

Including Wee Waa sides, there are 14 teams in the 5/6-years division, eight in the 7-years division, eight in the 8/9-years division, six in the 10/11-years division, four in the 12/13-years division and four in the 14-17-years division.

See this Saturday’s draw and the 2021 Narrabri Junior Soccer team lists are as follows:

Draw for round one on Saturday, May 8, is as follows:

5/6-years (15-minute halves with a five-minute break):
9am (field one): GrainCorp v GCJ Glass and Aluminium, 9am (field two): T-Table v Loder’s Computers, 9am (field three): Grahame Keys Plumbing v Ozforecast, 9.40am (field one): Aussie Outback Health Agency v Incitec Pivot, 9.40am (field two): Delta Ag v CFS, 10.20am (field one): NorthWest Events v Barden Pumps, 10.20am (field two): Opeys v Aggies

7-years (20-minute halves with a five-minute break):
9am (field four): Grahame Keys Plumbing v Little Crocs Daycare, 9am (field five): Doctor Cino v Richard Whan Building, 10am (field four): Travel Counsellor v Brittos, 10am (field five): BP Wee Waa v Jamo’s Handyman Service.

8/9-years (20-minute halves with a five-minute break):
9am (field six): T-Table v CL Dickinson Auto Electrics, 9am (field seven): Phillips Seed Grading v Ozforecast, 10am (field six):Crazy Sam’s v Peel Valley Machinery, 10am (field seven): AirCair v ONE23 Café.

10/11-years on field eight (25-minute halves with a five-minute break):
9am: Blue Dog Smash Repairs v Phillips Seed Grading, 10am: Austarps v GCJ Glass, 11am: Grahame Keys Plumbing v Imperial Hotel.

12/13-years on field nine (25-minute halves with a five-minute break):
9am: Damien Chiplin Plumbing v Kenway and Clarke, 10.30am: Delta Ag v Karen Carter Pharmacy.

14-17-years on field 10 (35-minute halves with a five-minute break):
9am: Shearin Excavations v CSD, 10.30am: TyreRight FC v DR Cino.

Team lists for the Narrabri sides are as follows:

GrainCorp (manager – R Derham): Denim Dowdell, Evie Miller, Archie Shields, Georgie Derham, Kenwood Burgmann, Sophie Flynn.
Opeys (manager – N Zauss): Callum O’Neill, Kynoel Ridley-Gibbs, Bonnie White, Nyah Mcconnell, Thomas Faris.
T-Table (manager – S Gilmore): Bonnie Eddington-Atkin, Cohen Shepherdson, Abigail Clarke, Declan Mowle, Hunter Gillmore.
Delta AG (manager – J Craig): Emma Keeler, Harrison Willemse, Hunter Lubke-Wood, Sadie Craig, Stella Craig, Maddison Bron, Chelsea Bron.
Northwest Events (manager – B Roberts): Harrison Roberts, Huxson English, Harrison Cameron, Maggie Penberthy, Jude Duncan, Shanyse Hobson.
Ozforecast (manager J Cameron): Freya Astill, Lawson Whan, Albert Cameron, Piper Kelly, Toby Kapcejevs, Byron Findley.
GCJ Glass and Aluminium (manager – J Orman and M Kay): Daphne McDonald, Maizee Clayton, Bailey Kay, Max Hanna, Rory Orman.
Barden Pumps (manager – C Treseder): Ayden Thompson, Ivy Delaney Woods, Audrey Myers, Jack Treseder, Jason Ross, Sofia Kneller.
Grahame Keys Plumbing (manager – J Swansbra): Kyle O’Connor, Maddison Saunders, Arlo Swansbra, Oliver Gordon, Leo Scott, Rhys Randle.
Loder’s Computers (manager – C Nunn): Odin Nunn, Thomas Seccombe, Toby Templeman, Cohen Simpson, Cooper Whiting.
Aussie Outback Health (manager – needs volunteer): Ella Ross, Leo Scott, Ryder Drady, Ryan Herden, Parker Slack-Smith, Nate Fenton.

Richard Whan Building (manager – C Walters): Ada Wilkins, Bailey Oakley, Leo Woolford, Mia Stride, Mya Keeler, Nicholas Treseder, Nina Walters.
Travel Counsellors (manager – M Hayne): Ava Hall, Braxton Templeman, Jarrod Anderson, William Hayne, Maxwell Hayne, Molly Mcdonald, Sage Gabbott, Zara Warnock.
Dr Cino (manager- G Macrae): Alex Macrae, Allie Macbeth, Blayne Gorrie, Georgiana Weightman, Patrick Connole, Reagan Baker, Thea Ridley.
Little Crocs (manager – T Dunn): Chayse English, Cody Burford, Harrison Dunn, Koby Tailby, Maya Holland, Patrick Mullins, Tabitha Shearer.
Grahame Keys Plumbing (manager – G Lendon): Darcy Derham, Heidi Stuart, Jye Delaney, Perry Fox, Rafferty Lendon, Tilly Varcoe, Weston Burgmann.
Jamo’s Handyman Service (manager – J Ryan): Andie Cunningham, Aylah Ryan, Halle Pazdjara, Jaxon Rusby, Seamus Conaty, Sebastian Alexander, Mac Winston-Smith.

Phillips Seed Grading (manager – M Walters): Beau Macrae, Toby Nairn, Maicee Astill, Zoe Walters, Mia Mcconnell, Aurora Gorrie, Jay Mcdougall, Darby Cameron, Walter Read.
ONE23 Café (manager – A O’Connell): Eli O’Connell, Chloe Cameron, Hunter Drady, Jack Cole, Marley Cunningham, Heath Clark, Luka Foster, Ryan Anderson, Saige Rood-England.
T-Table (manager – E Lennox): Logan Gillmore, Kaidence Stanford-Dauth, Jackson Macbeth, Zoe Malcolm, Ryan Warnock, Blair Lennox, Eliza Lennox, Jackson Clark, Elsa Gabbott.
Crazy Sams (manager – needs volunteer): Andre Leculier, Grace Horne, Hailee Orman, Hayden Moloney, Lachlan Baker, Mark Ridley, Nate Smith, Tyler Bron, Tilly Fox, Allison Jones.
CL Dickinson (manager – S Varcoe): Bentley Miller, Grace Flynn, Harrison Varcoe, Scarlet McLachlan, Hannah Brown, Narlah-Pearl Toomey, Indiana Clayton, George Brown, Mac Gordon.
OzForecast (manager – T Gale): Hannaah Gale, Isabella Gale, Rachel Thomson, Tallis Thomson, Wyatt Buttsworth, Lucas Dowdell, Ali Watson, Ashlyn Saunders, Rigby Richards, Andrew Weightman.

Blue Dog Smash (manager – K Bogdanoff): Angus Read, Annalise Hamblin, Ethan Megalokonomos, Jace Campbell, Jackson Hayne, Khan Watson, Leo Roth, Liam Bogdanoff, Mackenzie Griffiths, Noah Grist, Robert Clifford, Samara Campbell.
Austarps (manager – J Simpson): Charlie Crocker, Charlie Cunningham, Emily Simpson, Fleur Eather, Grace Lennox, Gus Ford, Jacob Teer, James Cole, Johanna Gordan, Romeo Backhouse-Smith, Ryan McConnell, Walter Cameron, Imogen Lubke-Wood.
Grahame Keys Plumbing (manager – S Stride): Bailey Holland, Blake Herden, Blake Stride, Charlie Butler, Chase Ford, Dakoda Whiting, Lexie Horne, Lily McCahon, Molly Eddington, Riley Thompson, Ruby Michell, Sam Fox, Viktor Roth.
Phillips Seed Grading (manager – M Phillips): Annalyse Hobson, Beau Laws, Hadleigh Astill, Harrison Brown, Joe Brown, Joseph Phillips, Judah Stuart, Lawson Oakley, Leairah Smith, Ruby Clayton, Toby Longworth, Zoe O’Connor, Benjamin Taylor.
GCJ Glass (manager – J Schouten): Anthea O’Regan, Bentley Myers, Kristopher Went, Harmony Goldman, Joseph Kapcejevs, Kiara Sheehan, Lachlan Cameron, Leo Nunn, Reece Kelly, Weston Ryan, William McClymont, Cindy Jones.

Delta Ag (manager – B Harnett): Sienna Earle, Estelle Eather, Christian Roth, Jack Hartnett, Toby Eddington, Chelsey Stait, Tilly Gleeson, Liam Nott, Bailey Russell, Kaden Hill, Leo Roth, Alister Atkins, Jasmine Weeks, Cooper Drady.
Damien Chiplin Plumbing (manager – J Smith): Ava Smith, Hunter Smith, Stella Laws, Bradley Ryan, Ceanna Toomey, Penelope Longstaff, Baxter Gabbott, Jonty Brayshaw, Jakson Dowdell, Jad Harris, Teale Williams, Blake Carter, Hamish Nalder, Elijah Ghassan.
Karen Carter Pharmacy (manager – G Keys): Judah Hamblin, Bradley Johnson, Lachlan Smith, Paganne Ryman, Sebastian Myers, Isabella Keys, Jobe O’Regan, Alistair Dowdell, Lily Bogdanoff, Bree Charlton, Sophie Michell, Lochie Michell, Jacob Sampson, Braiden Ryan.

CSD (manager – C Kelly): Chloe Large, Clayton Johannesen, Darcy Gleeson, Grace Hardy, William Ryan, Imogen Megalokonomos, Jesse Weekes, Jye Anderson, Noah Teer, Lily Kelly, Noah Smith, Rhys Bower, Cooper Butler, Tynan Williams, Violet Kison.
Dr Cino (manager – T Allen): Andrea Brown, Braydan Dunn, Cilla Hamblin, Jack McCahon, Koby Gray, Marlin Ryman, Meckenzie Gordon, Oliver Stait, Patrick Lindsay, Riley Longworth, Seth Gabbott, Taylor Gordon, Zachary Stait, Jirapat Amyot, Josh Went.
Tyreright FC (manager – volunteer needed): Callum Wales, Clayton Laws, Daniel Smith, Elsie Ford, Holly Ford, Jack Parkes, Lachlan Eather, Oscar George, Alex Bennett, Riley Sampson, Thomas Ryan, Ian Berney, George Bennett, Riley Emmerson, Amy Fladrick, Travis Ryan.

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