Further to my concern of phone disconnection of April 18, (Letters, The Courier, April 29) I communicated with a polite gentleman in India who informed me that we should have service on May 5 or 6.

On inspection at the damage site I found just inside the fence line of the private property evidence of fresh excavation and soil restoration.

Either side of this restoration at the main gate are warning signs on posts informing anyone who has a desire to excavate to ‘dial before you dig’ near the hole on the inner fence line is a PABX.

I fear the worst, PABX work on mains power as well as creating power for the cables feeding in a out of the PABX. (PABX is a small exchange giving power DC to long distance phone lines). If this unit must be replaced from local sources or overseas, then we are in for a considerable wait so I have gone to the Telstra shop for a mobile phone. Sadly reception is bad.

B McPherson, Jacks Creek

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