Interesting plague of individuals…! “Parts of Australia are yet again experiencing huge influxes of mice,” People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA, announced on their website on May 19 . “While these animals are clever, interesting individuals, we appreciate that having thousands of them appear on your property is less than ideal.” PETA argues that mouse plague ‘deterrents’ should have been put in place, by the government, before the current plague. Asked about this on Dubbo radio on May 28, Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack agreed, tongue-in- cheek, that mice should indeed be ‘rehomed’ in line with PETA’s philosophy. “But in the living rooms, backyards and pantries of the people who say these stupid things.” On the same interview, Member for Parkes Mark Coulton admitted to interviewer Richard Perno that he was a member of PETA. Perno: “You’re not, are you?” Mark Coulton: “Yeah, People for Eating Tasty Animals.”

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