The national vaccine rollout has faced a variety of criticisms for being too slow and ambiguous.

Even still, Aussies everywhere are lining up to get the jab and do their part to fight COVID-19.

Medical professionals are encouraging eligible residents to be vaccinated as soon as possible, and many are listening – including local people.

Narrabri’s attitude toward the COVID vaccine has been generally positive, with many understanding that getting the injection is our best bet to see things return to normal.

Bridge Medical Centre’s practice manager, Fiona Redfern, said the number of local vaccinations has continued to steadily increase alongside the national figures – which currently sits at about 11 per cent of Australians fully vaccinated.

“As of July 20, 40 per cent of our patients in the 60-years and above category have received their first dose of the vaccine,” she said.

“We’re averaging about 150 injections each fortnight.”

Bridge Medical Centre – like many other medical facilities in town – has put in an expression of interest for doses of Pfizer, when supply becomes available.

“At the moment we’re only stocking AstraZeneca, but we hope to get Pfizer as part of the October supply rollout,” Mrs Redfern said.

“We’ve put in for it but haven’t heard anything back yet.”

Mrs Redfern said the practice is continuing to welcome new patients, anyone who’s eligible but hasn’t yet received the vaccine.

“The current advice recommends AstraZeneca for over 40s, but if you’re aged between 40 and 60 our doctors would like to see you for a consultation before being vaccinated,” she said.

“And we’re suggesting this initial consultation to make sure AstraZeneca is the recommended vaccine for each individual.”

“Dr Rohana or Dr Dilini will help determine if you’re suitable for this vaccine, and it’s all charged through Medicare so there’s no additional cost for this appointment.”

Since under-40s aren’t part of the current rollout phase, many local practices aren’t focusing on vaccinating this population segment yet.

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