By Geoff Newling

Group 4 Rugby League remains in a holding pattern as it waits for a D Day (decision day).

Group 4 chairman Terry Psarakis said today that any decision on the continuation of a Group 4 season was dependent on NSW Health’s lockdown ending on Friday, September 10.

“It’s no good making a decision now,” Psarakis said.

“Whatever happens on September 10 will decide what happens. If lockdown ends we could finish the season but would need to have a two week break (from NSW Rugby League) for the players welfare and fitness.

“That takes us to the weekend of September 25/26.”

That would leave options of having a straight out grand final or maybe two weekends of games with a 1 v 4 and 2 v 3 semi-final scenario.

Psarakis said those options are open for discussion as well and went on to say that he believed player awards would still be applicable, but  that would be something for the board to ratify.

He hopes to have a zoom meeting with the Group 4 board members later this week to discuss the rest of the season.

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