I would like to acknowledge the issue of teacher shortages and minimal supervision in our local high school as described in Denis Harvey’s letter to the editor in The Courier on Tuesday, August 24.

I fully support Denis in his views and, as a member of the High School P&C, know they have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to address this issue for quite some time.

With the ongoing teacher shortages and a lack of a casual pool of teachers, which this year in particular has led to an unacceptable level of minimal supervision at the school, I feel very strongly that enough is enough and something must be done now.

In these times with COVID stay-at-home orders disrupting schooling already it is increasingly stressful for our children and unproductive to their learning to be missing valuable opportunities due to the lack of teachers and support.

This says nothing of the stress the teachers and staff are under trying to cope with the extra workload as well. I acknowledge the outstanding effort our teachers, support staff and the students are making through this difficult time.

We have a great community and a great school with so many talented people, both students and staff.

We now just want the students to have the greatest opportunity to maximise their potential.

Amanda Brown, President, Narrabri High School Music Parents Association

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