It’s all-round care, for all kinds of animals, at all hours of the day for the Allpets Narrabri team.

Since opening in September of 2018, the business has offered high-quality veterinary services to local pet and livestock owners – that mission is continuing as they turn three-years-old this month.

In addition to the routine procedures like desexing and vaccinations, Allpets is also equipped with a horse crush, bloodwork and x-ray/ultrasound capabilities, grooming resources, dental facilities, and a full surgical suite.

This means their team can service all kinds of pets, not just the standard cat or dog, with a professional and gentle approach that puts the animal at ease.

“We do a bit of everything really,” Allpets Narrabri owner Stacey Dunn said.

“Every day is different, you don’t quite know what the day will bring when you show up to work, and there’s never a dull moment.

“You might have some routine jobs booked in but all it takes is a few walk-in emergencies and your day can look a lot different.

“And we can keep up with such occasions thanks to our growing team – we started with one vet and two nurses, we now have two vets and four nurses just three years on.”

The Allpets team are local people, working with the business on a full-time basis.

Passionate about all things animals, they are committed to providing round-the-clock care for pets in the area.

That means offering help where it’s needed, no matter the time of day.

“We have an on-call system for emergencies that occur outside of work hours, which is available 24/7,” Mrs Dunn explained.

“So, there’s always a vet available.”

The same level of care is extended to all in-hospital patients, who are routinely checked even through the weekends and overnight.

And for those looking to book in their pets during business hours, Allpets has a convenient opening time of 8.30am from Monday to Saturday, closing at 5pm on weekdays and 1pm on Saturday.

While on-the-spot expert advice, flexible hours, and a commitment to animal welfare sets this business up as an industry leader, it isn’t the only thing that makes Allpets special.

The facility, well-located on Cooma Road, stocks all the necessary pharmaceuticals your pet could need.

Not only that, but the animal-loving team has also started a cat adoption program since the business opened its doors.

This system gives interested locals the chance to provide a home for shelter animals, further demonstrating Allpets’ dedication.

With both the professional equipment and resources needed, and a genuine love for animals, Allpets is the area’s go-to for an experience like no other.

Mrs Dunn says her experienced team are here to help with anything you might need, but offers a message on preventative care to all pet owners regardless of your animal know-how.

“Having that yearly health check-up, making sure your animal is keeping up-to-date with their vaccinations and worming, will set your pet up for success,” she said.

“These kinds of preventative medicines and procedures can help fight off many potential illnesses.”

You can get in touch with Allpets Narrabri, for anything from routine bookings to specialised care, on (02) 5733 8804.

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