Just guessing, but among the things we will miss most of all in the future (post COVID-crisis) are: the word ‘jabs’, a surfeit of TV news footage showing needles going into arms and swabs going up noses, the need to always carry a mask and, of course, the cost, inconveniences and difficulties to us all of lockdowns themselves. It is little wonder that the national media is finding a rich source of topical trivia in the things that people have found to occupy themselves in the face of searing lockdown boredom. Apart from binge-viewing of the telly, intense cleaning and tidying are obvious – and worthy occupations – as is the adoption of a new hobby. However, family photograph sorting, button matching, exploring new ways of dishwasher stacking, door lintel and fan blade dusting, advanced garden weeding, and setting out to read all 1,225 pages of ‘War and Peace’ before starting on ‘The Brothers Karamazov’ are just a few worthy and satisfying time-fillers.

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