The four semi-finalists to compete in Narrabri Women’s Bowling Club’s 2021 Consistency Singles competition have been determined following last week’s quarter-finals.

Ronnie Dewar, Lyn Wedesweiler, and Lorraine Scott all won their respective matches to join Mary Wheeler in the final four.

On Thursday, September 30, Dewar defeated Eva Sadler 155-148, while Wedesweiler downed Lyn Tuckey 150-131. Dewar and Sadler’s match was played across 32 ends with the score on the 26th end favouring Sadler 123-120. Dewar then scored a 10 on the 27th end to take a 130-123 lead, before Sadler came back with a nine on the 29th end to lead 137-136. Dewar rallied late and scored 19 points to 11 across the last three ends to win the game 155-148.

In the other match played on Thursday, Tuckey led 117-114 on the 24th end. Wedesweiler scored well across the last five ends with 36 shots to Tuckey’s 14 to win the game 150-131.

On Saturday, Scott outscored Sue Solomon 153-135. Solomon led 97-94 after 20 ends, then Scott scored a nine on the 21st end to take a 100-98 lead. Scott then led 126-112 after 25 ends before Solomon piled on 19 points across the next three ends to reduce her deficit to just six points. However, Scott maintained her lead as she scored 22 points to eight on the last three ends to claim a 153-135 win after 30 ends.

Ladies social bowls was also contested last Thursday.

In a game of Three-Bowl Triples, Rhonda Fitzgerald played swinging lead and with Helen Woodward and Cecile defeated Carol Demamiel and Cindy Neil 30-11.

Meanwhile, Russian roulette bowls was contested at Narrabri Sporties by 12 bowlers on Saturday afternoon. Laurie Gilbert won the game with 69 points, while Bob Cantrill placed second on 56 points and third went to Tony Redman on 55 points. The Bradman went to Olwyn Campey with four points.

Other bowlers who enjoyed the warm weather and bowls on the day were Rhonda Welchman (50 points), John Hand (33 points), Rob Wolters (32 points), Graham Rose (24 points), Marie Redman (22 points), Anthony Welchman (22 points), David Briggs (eight points) and Joyce Briggs (five points).

Narrabri Women’s Bowling Club matches to be played today, Thursday October 7, are as follows:
Semi final of Consistency Singles – V Dewar v M Wheeler (marker – E Sadler).
Minor Singles – L Tuckey v Cecile (marker – J Coleman); R Fitzgerald v G Godden (marker – H Woodward), H Caton v J Etheridge (marker – Di Chessells).

Narrabri Women’s Bowling Club matches to be played on Saturday, October 9, are as follows:
Semi final of Consistency Singles – L Scott v L Wedesweiler (marker – M Wheeler).
Minor Singles – C Neil v D Chessells (marker – V Dewar).

Narrabri Sporties’ men’s bowls matches to be played on Saturday, October 9, are as follows:
Consistency Singles at 9.30am – D Briggs v G Rose (marker – T Wilson); D Dewar v W Rosewarn (marker – R Ryan); S Daskey v L Scott (marker – R Wolters); A Welchman v T Redman (marker – L Hall).
Consistency Singles at 1pm – L Hall v N Scott (marker – T Redman); R Wolters v P Clark (marker – S Dewar); N Wolford v R Ryan (marker – D Dewar).

The Narrabri Sporties men’s Triples final will now be played on Saturday, October 16, at 9.30am – R Wolters, T Redman and T Kelly v R Ryan, B Cantrill and K Baguley.

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