Wee Waa Chamber of Commerce members were impressed with the prototype cotton boll structure David and Tash Johnston presented at last week’s meeting.

Few structures would symbolise Wee Waa more than a big cotton boll, and acting chamber president John Tully said the idea is to follow the success of other ‘big’ attractions in locations across Australia, such as Ballina’s big prawn, where tourists love to stop, take photos and spread the word about their favourite towns on social media.

“With agriculture not bringing as many people to the town anymore due to new technologies, the idea was brought up at a previous meeting as a way to help keep our town viable,” said Mr Tully.

“It gives people a reason to pull up, get a photo and take a closer look at our town.

“We thought if we put some signage around it too, it might encourage people to come a bit further into Wee Waa if they’re heading out to Pilliga for example.”

Mr Tully said discussions were still underway with Crockweld’s David and Tash Johnston about the sizing, costs and where the structure would be located.

“Most likely at the entry into town from the eastern side, near the museum,” said acting Wee Waa Chamber of Commerce president John Tully about a suggested location for the town’s big cotton boll structure idea.

“It’s definitely exciting, we’re looking into some tourism grants to lock it in.”

The Narrabri region’s police inspector Robert Dunn along with sergeant Nick Slater also attended last week’s chamber of commerce meeting.

Mr Tully said the police gave chamber members an update on recent issues in the town and what they were doing to combat crime in Wee Waa, and catch those responsible.

The Narrabri Shire Council mayor Ron Campbell and small business liaison officer Gillian Goddard were also present at the meeting and discussed a range of issues including Wee Waa’s popular Christmas Mardi Gras event and if it could still be held considering COVID-19 restrictions and concerns.

“According to the government’s ‘roadmap to recovery’, at this stage, it looks like our town will be able to have a mardi gras for the first time in a long time,” said Mr Tully.

“It would be great to have a group social event.

“It is a good event for town folks and people from outlying areas too, who do come in for it.

“It also gives local businesses an opportunity to have their wares in front of a large crowd,” added Mr Tully.

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