The Narrabri Shire’s first youth council has been elected, with Jordan Kay announced as the inaugural youth mayor.

Jordan was chosen following the youth council’s inaugural meeting on September 29 and will be joined by deputy mayor Charlotte Penberthy and secretary Poppy Smith as the council’s new leaders.

“I am so excited to be a part of this and I am humbled and blessed to be elected as the youth mayor,” Jordan said.

The body has been established by Narrabri Shire Council to represent and promote the voice of young people in the region.

Council says the group will offer a platform for input into youth-focused programs and the opportunity to strengthen their professional development.

“The Narrabri Shire youth council is an incredible opportunity for the youth of Narrabri to be heard and taken seriously,” Jordan said.

“As one of ten appointed to the youth council, I get to work with an incredible team to ensure this happens.”

The youth representatives will be able to focus on the needs of young people in the community to influence programs and projects and represent their priorities.

“The Narrabri Shire youth councillors will do everything we can to support our youth, advise on their behalf and advocate to benefit them,” Jordan said.

The role of the Narrabri Shire youth council will also be to identify gaps in services, work with the Youth Interagency to run annual Youth Week activities and provide feedback on ways to enhance engagement and address youth issues across the Narrabri local government area through regular contact with council staff.

As a group dedicated to being a voice for young people in the shire, the other youth council members are Temika Aggett-Toole, Mackenzie Jones, Tim Mirtschin, Andrea Brown, Eliza Dampney, Caitlyn Coutts-Smith and Gemma Ferguson.

Narrabri Shire mayor Ron Campbell described the youth council’s aim as providing advice into local youth-related initiatives, to inspire and motivate change and to provide assistance to council on issues that are important to them.

“The youth council members are socially conscious young leaders who have been appointed to represent the youth of this community.

“We are looking forward to this collaboration and what it can achieve as well as seeing these young people grow and develop with the experience the Narrabri Shire youth council gives them.”

Council is sponsoring a leadership program that the youth councillors will participate in at the end of November.

The Narrabri Shire youth council is elected for a two-year period and meets on a monthly basis.

The youth mayor, deputy mayor and secretary will serve a 12-month term.

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