Geni.Energy has won a prize for an electric vehicle charger for the Narrabri community.

There is an opportunity for local organisations or businesses to be the permanent host of the charger.

There is a network of electric vehicle charging stations popping up all over Australia.

Business travellers and tourists alike are looking for places to top up their charge as more electric vehicles come on to the market.

As a local not-for-profit organisation, Geni.Energy has said it is excited to be able to help provide this much-needed service to Narrabri.

“I already know EV owners choosing a travel route, that excludes Narrabri, due to our lack of charging infrastructure. This is pure tourist dollars we are currently missing out on. So having this EV charger available for public use will help local and visiting EV owners,” Sally Hunter, one of the founders of Geni.Energy said.

Electric vehicles are being strongly supported by the NSW state government as part of their aim to reduce carbon emissions.

The electric vehicle strategy was legislated in October and includes a raft of measures including:

  • Phasing out stamp duty
  • Investment into fast chargers
  • Government fleet of EVs
  • $3000 subsidy for relevant EVs

These measures will help the state reach its 2050 net zero emissions goals.

And Narrabri can play its part in this goal, by installing an EV charger for the community.

This EV charger was a prize donated by Italian company, Fimer, which has awarded two of these chargers to not-for-profit organisations in Australia.

Fimer is keen to support community groups and Geni.Energy’s mission is to help North West NSW create benefits from renewables.

Geni.Energy recently held a webinar on electric vehicle ownership in rural areas and was thrilled with the positive response.

Local GP, Dr Okwun Ojah provided his experiences with owning an electric vehicle in Narrabri.

Sally Hunter said lots of people are interested in the financial and emissions savings from EVs but still trying to get their head around a different way of operating.

“Just like when we moved from wall plug phones to mobiles, we had to get used to charging them every night,” she said.

“EVs are the same and if you want to get the most benefits in terms of emissions and financial, recharging on renewable energy during the day is the best.

“So having public charging stations is really important.”

Geni.Energy is seeking expressions of interest for locations in Narrabri that could house the Fimer EV charger.

The location would need a publicly accessible car parking space, three phase power and already have solar or happy to put solar on.

If you have a location that would suit, let the team at Geni.Energy know.

You can find out more online.

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