Young judges’ results from the 2022 Narrabri Show are as follows:

Under-12-years sub-junior:
Fruits and vegetables: first – Emily Simpson, second – Dustin Swain.
Grain: first – Emily Simpson, second – Dustin Swain.
Merino sheep: first – Emily Simpson, second – Dustin Swain.
Meat breed sheep: first – Emily Simpson, second – Dustin Swain.
Beef parades: first – Charlie Croaker, second – Emily Simpson.
Beef cattle judging: first – Charlie Croaker, second – Dustin Swain, third – Emily Simpson.

12-years-and-under-15 years:
Fruits and vegetables: first – Jacky Ham, second – James King, third – Elizabeth Faris, fourth – Ava Smith, fifth – Bella Hackett.
Grain: first – Jessie Simpson, second – Cassidy Welsh, third – Bree Pillar, fourth – Darcy Dickinson, fifth – Taylor Horne.
Merino sheep: first – Caitlin Evans, second – Billy Shearin, third – Ava Smith, fourth – Jad Harris, fifth – Jack Kiem.
Meat breed sheep: first – Cassidy Welsh, second – Jobe O’Regan, third – Matilda Curry, fourth – Ruby Graham, fifth – Georgia Horne.
Heat one beef parades: first – Caitlin Evans, second – Elizabeth Faris, third – Cassidy Welsh, fourth – Hunter Smith, fifth – James King.
Heat two beef parades: first – Bella Hackett, second – Zoe Watkins.
Beef cattle judging: first – Caitlin Evans, second – Jessie Simpson, third – Bella Hackett, fourth – Zoe Watkins, fifth – Hunter Smith.
High school led steer: first – Matthew Evans, second – Caitlyn Coutts-Smith, third – Ruby Graham, fourth – Jessie Simpson.

Fruits and vegetables: first – Maeve Harris, second – Megan Crutcher, third – Mack Davies, fourth – Lacey Evans, fifth – Jack Dickinson.
Grain: first – Mackenzie Jones, second – Jack Dickinson, third – George Bennett, fourth – Megan Crutcher, fifth – Maeve Harris.
Merino sheep: first – Mack Davies, second – Caitlyn Coutts-Smith, third – Lacey Evans, fourth – Megan Crutcher, fifth – Maeve Harris.
Meat breed sheep: first – Caitlyn Coutts-Smiths, second – Mackenzie Jones, third – Mack Davies, equal fourth – Lacey Evans and Megan Crutcher.
Beef parades: first – Emily Taylor (Emma Rice perpetual trophy), second – Mitch Taylor, third – Claire Taylor, fourth – Will Filla, equal fifth – – Ryan Knee and Lockie Roch.
Beef cattle judging: first – Emily Taylor, second – Caitlyn Coutts-Smith, third – Mitch Taylor, fourth – Georgia Kirkby, fifth – Mackenzie Jones.

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