Narrabri community members from across the spectrum of local organisations and businesses took the opportunity to discuss district transport issues of importance at a regional community forum last week.

Director, Transport for NSW west region, Alistair Lunn led a team of departmental representatives to talk to local people at The Crossing Theatre.

“We want to hear from you, community representatives, local service providers and other interested groups about what you need and how we can deliver transport services that make your journeys safer, more accessible and easier for everyone,” Mr Lunn said.

The community forum received an update on current projects across the district.

“This was a valuable meeting,” one of the community members told The Courier.

“It was a true community consultation – unlike the alleged community consultations around the Inland Rail project, in my opinion,” he added.

“The Transport for NSW representatives wanted to know what we knew, what we like and don’t like and sought suggestions.

“Our thoughts and priorities were genuinely sought and recorded.

“They were looking for advice and input on what the community thinks Transport for NSW should be doing.

“It was a valuable exercise.

“We as a group put a lot of work into it. Each table was a virtual think tank.

“Discussions encompassed everything to do with transport from the Newell Highway to airline schedules to bus and rail timetables – what is being done well and what needs to be improved on.”

Narrabri Chamber of Commerce president Russell Stewart agreed the meeting canvassed a wide spread of issues.

“Connectivity to Narrabri across the shire and region was important.

“People sought answers on upgrades to roads and spoke about roads that hadn’t been seen much work, the importance of connectivity from the west, and the importance of improvement to roads like the Kaputar Road, in a tourism context.

“The need for better signage was a major topic.

‘“One, for example, is the need for a Narrabri road sign at Willow Tree turn off indicating that Narrabri is along the route.”

Better signage in Narrabri advising of bus movements and information as to the availability of inter town bus services was canvassed.

“Transport NSW has been keen to talk to the community and has always been in contact with the chamber,”said Mr Stewart.

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