Politicians and large corporations devote so much money and time and energy to spinning their products. People have woken up to this rubbish. The public has had a gutful of such spin.

The Inland Rail project is surrounded by spin in relation to the route near Narrabri. They continue to push the proposed route as being superior to the alternative route. We believe that the facts clearly show a different picture.

Why is the alternative route better than the proposed route?

There are many reasons. The comparisons listed to the right give some idea of why.

One of the real problems here is that there is a disconnect between the Inland Rail project team and the Narrabri community.

Inland Rail representatives have been tasked with building the line on the proposed route.

Narrabri Inland Rail Concerned Residents has one objective. We simply want to get the best outcome for the Narrabri community. To do that the route must be shifted.

Inland Rail’s assertion that the proposed route is superior to the alternative route is spin and cannot be justified by the facts. Just look at the table detailed above.

Shifting the route delivers a win-win outcome for the Narrabri community and the Inland Rail project.

Enough spin. Just change the route.

Ross Gleeson, Narrabri Inland Rail Concerned Residents

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