The oldies all turned out in force
For the canteen opening
The Auxiliary was back on deck
And would make the old place sing.

They turned up with their slice and cakes
For a party they had planned
When I turned up by accident
They had everything in hand.

With Boyce to cut the opening cake
And Trish Hadley there as well
That excitement was running rampant
Wasn’t all that hard to tell.

They all lined up for a photo
All the ladies there with Boyce
And I got dragged into it too
Seems I didn’t have much choice.

Then they had the celebration
Served up slice and cake and tea
And they even made some coffee
For coffee addicts like me.

It was nice to see it open
And the volunteers all keen
It looks like it will be better
Everything looks new and clean.

I’d like to wish them all the best
As this venture starts anew
All that’s lacking is support now
And that has to come from you.

While they all were missing Sally
It’s been her baby for years
But she was looking down on them
And offering hearty cheers.

Well done ladies
Max Pringle OAM
July 25, 2022

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