Variety Bash fundraising duo Tracey Rex and Stuart Black will embark on a mammoth 5700-kilometre journey, all to help children in need.

The extensive B to B Bash departs Sydney this weekend and winds its way through remote areas of rural NSW before venturing north through outback Queensland and eventually reaching the Mackay area.

In just 12 weeks, Tracey and Stuart have raised an extraordinary amount of $13,000.

However, Tracey credits their fundraising success thanks to the support of the Narrabri community.

Funds have been raised at the pair’s highly successful cake stalls as well as through community donations.

“The community support has just been fabulous,” Tracey said.

“Everyone always asks us when we’re going.”

Tracey and Stuart are participating in the bash as Nintendo characters, with their car decked out to match.

The enormous two-state Variety Bash is the first of this nature for the duo. However, they are no strangers to the Variety Bash scene.

Tracey said the big B to B Bash was a bucket list item for herself and Stuart.

“This was the one to do because this time it will finish on this side of Australia,” she said.

Stuart will participate, dressed as either Yoshi, Donkey Kong or Bowser throughout the journey.

Tracey, however, will be frocked up as Princess Peach, Princess Daisy or Princess Rosalina for the bash.

“We enjoy seeing the smiles it brings to children’s faces,” Tracey said of taking part in the bash.

The Variety Bash supports Variety, the children’s charity, helping kids from all backgrounds who are sick, disadvantaged or living with special needs to overcome challenges and reach their full potential.

Tracey has been involved in Variety Bashes for nearly 20 years and Stuart for eight.

The couple is dedicated to the cause putting huge efforts into fundraising over those years.

Earlier this year, the couple set off on the NSW Variety Bash after raising more than $12,000.

Tracey and Stuart are looking forward to joining the B to B Bash, hitting the open road and making a difference in the lives of children who are in need.

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