It’s a parent’s worst nightmare! Police Constables standing at the door saying: “There has been a motorcycle accident …”

Recently, a close family member of ours was critically injured in a storm when he came off his motorbike only three hours from Melbourne.

Unfortunately, he slid under oncoming traffic; survived the impact but died on the way to a Victorian regional hospital.

He was 31-years-of-age and an only child.

When tragedy strikes, the tidal wave of grief extends its ever-increasing concentric circles to all those near and far.

The aloneness and finality of death: the fragility of human life knows no equal.

The intensity of the pain of grief is borne alone in the company of family and friends.

Well-meaning people may offer platitudes as a passing word but nothing can ease the bitter grief and loss of a loved one.

Time stands still for those in deep grief.

Our emotional reactions to trauma, disasters and untimely deaths are always with us!

So how can we ever find any resolution of endless questions, tragic imaginings and vivid images in remembering the way things were.

One thing that I’ve learned from life is that when tragedy and grief come to your house – so do your friends!

Many may resist the urge to visit the grieving because they do not know what to say… and really, what could be said apart from the expression of love in being there at a time of deepest darkness.

Many psychologists, counsellors, pastors and theologians can provide rational frameworks for dealing with grief and many grieving people have found long-lasting comfort, relief and solace.

Hymn-writers address Jesus as a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief!

Maybe the Psalmist also knew about intense grief when he wrote, ‘Even when I walk through the dark valley of death, I will not be afraid – for You are with me, your presence protects and comforts me.’

Psalm 23:4. If I can assist you in your time of grief, please contact me.

Every comforting blessing to you and yours.

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