Narrabri Subway manager Lizzie Woodin has stepped down from her role behind the counter after 21 years.

Lizzie has been the friendly and familiar face at Subway for many thousands of customers and many young people who worked under her guidance over the past two decades. Lizzie has been with Subway since it opened on December 12, 2002.

When Michael Faber, the franchisee, returned to the fabrication business full time, Lizzie took over the management, a role she has excelled at for over 15 years, Mr Faber said.

Over the years Lizzie has trained and managed hundreds of staff, many whom found their first job with Subway.

But its time to retire. She will be succeeded as Subway manager by Sally Hetherington.

“I have enjoyed it, but it’s my time,” said Lizzie.

“I have been here just two weeks short of 21 years,” she adds.

“Of course, over that time we have served countless customers, locals and travellers, and we have employed many young people who have learned the importance of customer service and moved on to their own careers.

“I know we are the ‘sportiest town, but I like to say we have ‘the sportiest kids’ – the young staff we have had here are so committed to their sport.”

Liz has enjoyed her Subway role and looks forward to enjoying her retirement. Any plans? “Basically I will do what I want when I want to,” she said.

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