Welcome to The Courier’s 2023/24 Narrabri District Cricket Association Coates Hire Namoi Super Slog T20 competition player auction live blog.

From 7pm this  evening at the Narrabri Bowling Club, the four franchises – J and D Weed Management, Specialised Civil Services, WTC Group and newcomers NTK Excavations – will draft their teams for the fourth edition of NDCA’s premier T20 competition, which will get underway next Friday, December 8.

Prior to the player auction, it was announced that WTC Group and Specialised Civil Services had sponsored prize money for the competition’s top run-scorer and top wicket-taker this season. WTC Group have put up $500 for the top run-scorer, and Specialised Civil Services have put up $500 for the top wicket-taker.

The captains of the four franchises are locked in, with Cooper Brayshaw to skipper NKT Excavations, Luke Meppem to lead J and D Weed Management, Nathan Trindall to captain WTC Group, and Lachlan Woolford to skipper Specialised Civil Services.

Tonight, when a player is called out, each franchise and their captain have 60 seconds to decide what portion of their salary cap they will offer to spend on that player. The franchise with the highest bid on a player will have that player added to their roster, and their price will be subtracted from that team’s remaining salary cap.

There are 56 players in the pool, meaning all four teams will have a 15-man roster at the completion of the night.

Throughout the night, The Courier, below, will provide an updated list of each player who has been bought, their price and the team they will represent this season.

The first player drawn out was Western Razorbacks’ Matt Bradshaw, who was taken by WTC Group for $2,000,001.

The most expensive player was RSL’s Bernard O’Connor, who was taken for $2,800,000 by Specialised Civil Services.

WTC Group’s 14th and final pick saw them take their former captain, Western Razorbacks’ Dylan Smith.

Specialised Civil Services were left with the final two picks after NKT Excavations and J and D Weed Management both completed their squads late in the night, which saw Woolford’s side fill their squad with the two players that were passed in earlier in the night.

That concludes the event. See the auction list and team lists below.


  1. Matt Bradshaw (Western Razorbacks) – WTC Group ($2,000,001).
  2. Angus Galagher (Western Razorbacks) – WTC Group ($800,001).
  3. Hugh Lennon (Tatts) – J and D Weed Management ($95,000).
  4. Ed Currall (Tatts) – J and D Weed Management ($250,000).
  5. Aaronn Baker (Tourist Hotel) – NKT Excavations ($282,000).
  6. Jye Manton (Tourist Hotel) – Specialised Civil Services ($2,400,000).
  7. Greg Melton (Western Razorbacks) – WTC Group ($2,500,001).
  8. Matt Conroy (Tourist Hotel) – NKT Excavations ($2,670,000).
  9. Chris Smith (Tourist Hotel) – NKT Excavations ($1,100,000).
  10. Les Bonney (Tourist Hotel) – NKT Excavations ( $164,000).
  11. Waldo Botha (Tatts) – Specialised Civil Services ($780,000).
  12. Saad Bahadur (Tatts) – Specialised Civil Services ($50,000).
  13. Jason Paull (Tourist Hotel) – Passed in.
  14. Kallum Mallows (Tourist Hotel) – NKT Excavations ($10).
  15. Josh Rose (Tatts) – J and D Weed Management ($15,000).
  16. Dustyn Allen (Western Razorbacks) – NKT Excavations ($201,000).
  17. Dylan Segundo (Tourist Hotel) – J and D Weed Management ($2,150,000).
  18. Scott Smith (Tourist Hotel) – Specialised Civil Services ($253,000).
  19. Josh Trindall (Tourist Hotel) – Specialised Civil Services ($1,517,000).
  20. Bernard O’Connor (RSL) – Specialised Civil Services ($2,800,000).
  21. Michael Hewett (Tatts) – J and D Weed Management ($300,000).
  22. Darcy Anderson (RSL) – WTC Group ($200,001).
  23. Jake Thurston (RSL) – NKT Excavations ($1,500,000).
  24. Mark Page (Tourist Hotel) – J and D Weed Management ($675,000).
  25. Wahid Islam (Narrabri Shire Council) – WTC Group ($150,000).
  26. Josh Dowton (Tourist Hotel) – Passed In.
  27. Tim Hayne (Tourist Hotel) – WTC Group ($500,000).
  28. Nick Tomlinson (Tourist Hotel) – J and D Weed Management ($1,400,000).
  29. Daniel Hamilton (Western Razorbacks) – WTC Group ($300,000).
  30. Max Hunter (RSL) – NKT Excavations ($53,000).
  31. Alan Whitmore (Tourist Hotel) – WTC Group ($10).
  32. Rowan Keeler (RSL) – WTC Group ($115,001).
  33. Cody Kember (RSL) – NKT Excavations ($1,905,000).
  34. Jay Hall (Western Razorbacks) – J and D Weed Management ($720,000).
  35. Anirudh Chiluvuri (Narrabri Shire Council) – WTC Group ($100,001).
  36. Will Ford (RSL) – WTC Group ($1,800,001).
  37. Kaleb Mowle (Tourist Hotel) – J and D Weed Management ($295,000).
  38. Gabe O’Connor (RSL) – WTC Group ($150,001).
  39. Andrew Wallace (Tourist Hotel) – WTC Group ($5001).
  40. Jake Brayshaw (RSL) – NKT Excavations ($1,900,000).
  41. Clay Hoffman (Western Razorbacks) – J and D Weed Management ($370,000).
  42. Danny Laws (Tourist Hotel) – Specialised Civil Services ($85,000).
  43. Jakeb Nipperess (Tatts) – J and D Weed Management ($500,000).
  44. Karl Hatfield (Tatts) – Specialised Civil Services ($527,000).
  45. Dylan Smith (Western Razorbacks) – WTC Group ($1,379,981).
  46. Ryan Steel (Tatts) – Specialised Civil Services ($60,000).
  47. Ben Sevil (Western Razorbacks) – NKT Excavations ($100).
  48. Sai Challa (Narrabri Shire Council) – NKT Excavations ($5000).
  49. Adam Gordon (Tourist Hotel) – Specialised Civil Services ($1,200,000)
  50. Josh Schwager (Western Razorbacks) – J and D Weed Management ($800,000).
  51. Gareth Lamond (Tourist Hotel) – Specialised Civil Services ($27,000).
  52. Darcy Gleeson (Tatts) – Specialised Civil Services ($200,000).
  53. Hamish Duncan (Tourist Hotel) – J and D Weed Management ($1,200,000).
  54. Harry Pattison (Tourist Hotel) – J and D Weed Management ($230,000).
  55. Jarrett Tough (RSL) – NKT Excavations ($149,880).
  56. Brinley Davis (Tatts) – NKT Excavations ($20).
  57. Passed in player one – Jason Paull (Tourist Hotel) – Specialised Civil Services.
  58. Passed in player two – Josh Dowton (Tourist Hotel) – Specialised Civil Services.


Passed in list:

  1. Jason Paull (Tourist Hotel).
  2. Josh Dowton (Tourist Hotel).

The final team lists are as follows:

J and D Weed Management: Luke Meppem (c), Hugh Lennon, Ed Currall, Josh Rose, Dylan Segundo, Michael Hewett, Mark Page, Nick Tomlinson, Jay Hall, Kaleb Mowle, Clay Hoffman, Jakeb Nipperess, Josh Schwager, Hamish Duncan, Harry Pattison.

NKT Excavations: Cooper Brayshaw (c), Aaronn Baker, Matt Conroy, Chris Smith, Les Bonney, Kallum Mallows, Dustyn Allen, Jake Thurston, Max Hunter, Cody Kember, Jake Brayshaw, Ben Sevil, Sai Challa, Jarrett Tough, Brinley Davis.

WTC Group: Nathan Trindall (c), Matt Bradshaw, Angus Galagher, Greg Melton, Darcy Anderson, Wahid Islam, Tim Hayne, Daniel Hamilton, Alan Whitmore, Rowan Keeler, Anirudh Chiluvuri, Will Ford, Gabe O’Connor, Andrew Wallace, Dylan Smith.

Specialised Civil Services: Lachlan Woolford (c), Jye Manton, Waldo Botha, Saad Bahadur, Scott Smith, Josh Trindall, Bernard O’Connor, Danny Laws, Karl Hatfield, Ryan Steel, Adam Gordon, Gareth Lamond, Darcy Gleeson, Jason Paull, Josh Dowton.

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