In Put Insomnia to Sleep, experienced Narrabri-based psychotherapist Helen Dugdale argues that you don’t have to be part of the 40 per cent of Australians who struggle with insomnia, lack of sleep, or even just bad sleeping habits.

“A lot of my clients were coming to me with anxiety and stress and saying that they don’t sleep well. Once I’d fixed their anxiety, they started sleeping better,” she said.

Mrs Dugdale realised there are plenty of ‘how-tos’ about getting a good night’s sleep, but many are focused on more generalised tips rather than specific ones. For many, the internet can be helpful but also daunting. Mrs Dugdale found many people turn to over-the-counter sleeping tablets and other medications that are ‘quick fixes’ more than long-term solutions.

“There’s information everywhere, but how do you know which article is right for you? I thought it might would be wise to put everything I’d learnt into one book, in an easy-to-find place,” she said.

Based on real case studies and Mrs Dugdale’s own extensive experience and research, Put Insomnia to Sleep is filled with helpful tips, checklists and more.

Mrs Dugdale guides the reader on how to retrain their brain using the simple method of brain coaching, and to set aside anxieties or habits stopping them from sleeping.

“I ran the London Marathon on less than five hours’ sleep. I think people can perform on little sleep, but not every day. Sleep deprivation will eventually take its toll,” Mrs Dugdale said.

Over the years, Mrs Dugdale has helped more than 600 people around Australia overcome their fears and anxieties with her business Australian Brain Coaching. She is one of only three people in Australia trained in the method, having been tutored herself by a German psychologist.

“It doesn’t matter how old you are, or where you’re from: everyone needs sleep and unfortunately many have trouble,” Mrs Dugdale said.

“I’ve helped teenagers through to people in their mid-90s! It’s never too late to create new habits.”

The first official launch for Put Insomnia to Sleep will be at the Tourist Hotel next Tuesday.

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