Sam Snape may not be Australia’s Idol but he certainly is Boggabri’s Idol.

After an impressive audition on Australian Idol, Sam has put Boggabri on the map for all the right reasons.

In the past couple of weeks, not only has Sam featured on Australian Idol but has been an opening act for Katrina Burgoyne’s Gunnedah show, played several venues in Tamworth for the country music festival, as well as entertaining at Gunnedah, Mullaley and Curlewis venues.

Sam said auditioning for Australian Idol was an incredible experience.

“Having all the family members there for support was special. They flew us all down, provided food and accommodation and were very supportive of us while there,” he said.

Sam’s music adventure started when he was very young. When he was just a little fellow, he would visit his grandparents and says, “when you walked in the door there was a piano, it was the first thing you saw, and unlike some little fellows who would just bang on the keys I would sit for hours and press notes.

“Grandpa would hum a tune and I would play the notes and then he started humming nursery rhymes, and I played those, I could play by ear.

Sam Snape on the set of Australian Idol. Photo Seven Network

“It just developed from there, I have always loved music, and I guess it was passed down through the family and I hope that I pass it down to my family.

“I think I have already as often when I come in from work the kids will be singing my new song.

“They know all the words they have heard it so often.”

Sam says that singing in the shower is a bit difficult as all the kids want to get into the shower at the same time with him but he does sing while working on the tractor or header as well as when he is driving to gigs.

Sam admires Zac and George, an Australian country music duo known for their captivating harmonies and electrifying live performances.

He also likes James Johnson who placed in the seventh season of Australian Idol.

“That’s how l picture myself in the future, these guys are awesome and how I plan to move forward.”

Asked, “if you could open a show for any artist who would it be?”

“Keith Urban, that would be the ultimate,” he said.

The Snape family: Sam, Oliver, Lewis, Kaylah, Henry and Annie Snape watching the TV with family on Sunday night. Photo: Caitlyn Dewar

When asked, what is the best advice you have been given, he replied, only the other day I was chatting to Ray McCoy and he said that if everything goes well in the future, stay true to yourself and remember your home and where you started.

“I think that is pretty good advice, not that I would consider not remembering where I started,” he said.

Sam likes to listen to music, something he does a lot of and country is always up there and he says that he also likes some of the new re-mixs.

Well known for his guitar playing, something he does really well, Sam also plays the piano, drums and mouth-organ.

He says that he is considering bringing in a bit more of mouth-organ playing into his future gigs.

Many years ago, Sam also played his grandpa’s old piano accordion.

Once again, an instrument he learned by ear.

He says it’s a shame that there are not some many piano accordions around now as they have a special sound all of their own.

Sam has just released My Country Song and Sam’s message to his fans is, “thanks for the support and keep listening, there is more to come.”

He is a little shy as to what his next plans are, however, he has a few ideas and plans and is working towards them.

Brendan Gillham, Charlotte Gillham and Caitlyn Dewar sitting in a tractor tyre with ‘Snapey you’re our idol’ painted on the tyre.

The extended family, many friends and community members have been watching and waiting for Sam to appear on Australian Idol. Hundreds of fans were glued to the television on Sunday evening.

Sam’s family set up numerous televisions out on the farm.

Some have also obtained their own Sam Snape t-shirts – ‘Sam Snape’ on the front and ‘Fan club’ on the back.

Messages such as, above all else, “proud of putting yourself out there”, “you are an incredible musician”, “fantastic Sam” and “well done” have been rolling in daily.

Boggy Book Exchange and Giftware decorated their window in the main street.

A perfect day for Sam is coming home to family and hearing his song on the radio.

Sam Snape is pictured with the Boggy Book Exchange and Giftware window promoting his appearance on Australian Idol.

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