By Robert Boutcher

Jack Ford and Tim Anderson were the most successful of the Narrabri Pistol Club competitors at the 42nd John Ford Metallic Silhouette 200-Metre Big Bore Steel Challenge held at the Narrabri range from Friday to Sunday, May 3 to 5.

This was the second of the five open competitions on the local club’s 2024 calendar.

Competitors travelled from Sydney in the south to the Queensland town of Toogoolawah in the north, and many points in between.

Ford won the revolver match with a score of 40/40, placed second in the production match after a shoot-off with a score of 40/40, and also placed second in the four-match aggregate with a total of 132/160.

Anderson won the unlimited full scale match with a score of 39/40. He also placed second in the unlimited match with a score of 36/40, and third in the four-match aggregate with a total of 131/160.

The John Ford Steel Challenge Handicap Trophy was won by Aidan Van Ee from Toogoolawah.

Shooting conditions were testing across the three days, with strong south-easterly winds on Friday, rain and wind on Saturday and intermittent cloud/sunshine with a strong south-westerly wind on Sunday.

Two shooters from the Australian national team – Glen Anderson and Aidan Van Ee – competed at the event, which made the Narrabri duo’s results even more impressive.

Narrabri Pistol Club is appreciative of the support of local businesses that contributed to the success of the John Ford Metallic Silhouette 200-Metre Big Bore Steel Challenge and also the excellent catering by Lions Auxiliary’s Denise Wall, Vicki Frater and Melissa Hancock.

Individual match podium finishers are as follows:
Revolver: first – Jack Ford (Narrabri) with 40/40; second – Glen Anderson (Inverell) with 38/40 third – David Dewsbury (Narrabri) with 37/40.
Production: first – Glen Anderson with 40/40; second – Jack Ford with 40/40; third – David Dewsbury with 39/40.
Standing: first – Glen Anderson with 29/40; second – Aidan Van EE (Toogoolawah) with 29/40; third – Judy Harding (Toogoolawah) with 25/40.
Unlimited: first – Glen Anderson with 40/40; second – Tim Anderson with 36/40; third – Kim Emery (Mt Lindesay) with 32/40.
Unlimited full scale: first – Tim Anderson with 39/40; second – Carmel Archibald (Armidale) with 37/40; third – Glen Anderson with 36/40.

Four match aggregates:
Open: first – Glen Anderson with 147/160; second – Jack Ford with 132/160; third – Tim Anderson with 131/160.
Women’s: first – Judy Harding with 126/140; second – Carmel Archibald with 93/160.

Narrabri Pistol Club members’ grade placings are as follows:
Production: International: second – Jack Ford with 40/40. AAA-grade: third – Billy-Dean Borodzicz with 32/40. AA-grade: first – Jayden Hamblin with 25/40, second – Jeff Hamblin with 24/40, third – Matt Burke with 22/40.
Revolver: International: first – Jack Ford with 40/40, third – David Dewsbury with 37/40. AAA-grade third – Paul Wilkins with 28/40. AA-grade: second – Billy-Dean Borodzicz with 29/40.
Standing: International: third – David Dewsbury with 24/40. AAA-grade: second – Jack Ford with 24/40. AA-grade: first – Matt Burke with 21/40, third – Billy-Dean Borodzicz with 16/40.
Unlimited: International: second – Tim Anderson with 36/40. AAA-grade second – David Dewsbury with 28/40. AA-grade: third – Billy-Dean Borodzicz with 28/40. A-grade: first – Matt Burke with 20/40.
Unlimited full scale: International: first – Tim Anderson with 39/40. AAA-grade third – Billy-Dean Borodzicz with 34/40. AA-grade second – Matt Burke with 30/40.

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