As a frequent user of the Kamilaroi Highway along with many others we have noticed a parked white van with police tape on it dangerously parked near the lawn cemetery. History would probably tell us that it will remain there and be vandalised along with the other vehicle on the entrance to the Killarney Gap Road that has been there for five months.

After speaking to the council I was told it was the duty of “Main Roads” to remove the vehicle either to a safer place where it can’t be destroyed. The Roads Authority are happy to spend billions of our money on the roads in the district but struggle to pay a tilt tray operator the fee to remove the car.

The sight of these abandoned vehicles gives the travellers using the highway the notion that Narrabri is a crime hub, and that is not the case.

I doubt whether anyone from the Roads Authority might read this but somehow commonsense may prevail one day in their system but don’t die waiting.

Jack Murray

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