The Narrabri Golf Club shootout final for 2024 will be contested on Sunday, June 16, the club announced earlier this week.

There were eight qualifying rounds this year, across which 86 golfers took part. Their best score at each event is their eventual qualifying score, and this year’s cut-off was 37 points.

The 19 finalists and the reserves have been named. They are as follows alongside their qualifying scores – Dave McInnes (43), Will Coldham (41), Josh Orman (40), Les Bonney (40), Luke McDermott (39), Scott Lamb (39), Blake Brown (39), Brendan Kramel (39), Luke Flood (39), Graham Thomas (38), Jim Pitman (38), Justin Orman (38), Zoe Tomlinson (38), Tom Holland (38), Kurtis Ryan (38), Ingrid Moulds (37), Pat Legg (37), Steve Parish (37), Will Brooks (37).

The reserves are Kane Voysey (37), Jye Manton (37), David McCathie (37), Jim Cable (37), Glen Stanford (37), Nick Wyngaarden (37), Brock Smith (37), Wayne Saunders (37), Ben Finnigan (37), Lucas Hatton (36).

Coldham, Kramel, Flood, McCathie and Cable have all declared themselves unavailable, so Voysey, Manton and Stanford, at this stage, are the reserves who will play in the June 16 final, with Wyngaarden next in line if anyone else pulls out.

This year will see a new champion crowned, with the 2022 winner Peter Dewsbury and the 2023 winner Gail Richardson not among the finalists or reserve list.

Brooks and Pitman will be the first and only golfers to have contested three straight shootout finals if they both play after they both lined up in 2022 and 2023. Only those two men and Dewsbury, Nick Scott and Louise Penberthy played in both of the first two finals.

Finnigan, Manton, Smith, Moulds and Lamb played in last year’s final, and Orman played in the 2022 final, but for everyone else among the 2024 finalists and reserves, this year will see them debut if they do compete.

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