Above: “The filters were replaced only six months ago – and they are expensive” said Kath Davis, pictured with one of her three water filters.


Narrabri’s water reticulation system is in the midst of a major $10 million-plus upgrade but meanwhile Balonne Street resident Kath Davis is battling the impact of discoloured and dirty town water on her washing.

“I was trying to have a shower this morning and couldn’t get any pressure,” she said.

“I called my son-in-law around to help and he went to the filters I have on the pipes into the house.

“I could see why there was no pressure.

“The filters, there are three of them, were absolutely clogged with rust and silt.

“They were only replaced about six months ago so the volume of pollution is enormous.

‘The water badly discolours my sheets and white things.

“And we are paying 99c a kilolitre for town water.

“When my son in law unblocked the filters the water flowing into the sink was absolutely black – it was so thick with rust and dirt it wouldn’t go down the plug hole.

“I have never seen it this bad.”