The 2019 Netball NSW Junior State Titles were held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Penrith with three Narrabri sides competing at the annual event.


Narrabri was represented by under-12s, under-13s and under-14s sides which all competed in division four in their respective competitions.

All three teams enjoyed a successful tournament.

The under-12s began their campaign in the best possible way, going through day one undefeated, winning all six of its opening games.

The second day saw Narrabri win four from seven matches ending the day with a 10-3 record.

On the final day Narrabri won four games out of six to finish the tournament with a terrific 14-5 record which saw it place seventh on the
20-team ladder.

Narrabri’s under-13s team also had a great beginning to the tournament but was unable to capitalise on its swift start.

The side started with just one loss on the first day, winning three games and drawing the remaining two matches.

On day two Narrabri won three games and had another draw taking its record to 6-3-4.

On the final day Narrabri could not find its rhythm and was defeated in all six matches, finishing the tournament in 13th place with six wins, three draws and 10 losses.

In the under-14s competition Narrabri was able to pick up two wins on the opening day.

The next day Narrabri scored one win and on the final day Narrabri earned two wins and a draw.

Narrabri’s under-14s squad finished 14th out of 20 teams with a record of five wins, one draw and 13 losses.

NNA carnival convener and under-14s coach Tracey Tomlinson told The Courier that she was very pleased with Narrabri’s results at the tournament.

“I think they’ve all done amazingly well,” she said.

“For the under-13s to finish 13th and the 14s to finish 14th on the ladder is amazing in itself because we are a small country town.

“But for the under 12s to come out and finish seventh out of 20 teams, that just blew everyone away.”

Tomlinson said that NNA’s success at the tournament came down the development of young players in the district.

“Certainly in the younger age groups we can attribute the level of netball being played to our coaching convener,” Tomlinson said.

“Kerry Crutcher from Wee Waa does a great job with the Wee Waa girls as they are a part of the Narrabri Netball Association.

“The way in which the younger teams played over the weekend can be attributed to the earlier start.”