Saturday’s Roxy Rockin’ It fundraiser was a highly-anticipated and well-supported event with hundreds of people from both Narrabri and out of town combining on the day to make it a smashing success.

Organiser and host Rebecca Artis was the driving force behind the event, while three-year-old Roxy Vankuyk was the inspiration.

The event combined a three-person nine-hole golf ambrose with a family fun day to raise money for Roxy’s family.

When Roxy was two-years-old she was diagnosed with a very rare genetic condition that affects the ATP8A2 gene, so rare in fact that she is one of only 12 people diagnosed with the condition worldwide.

Roxy’s diagnosis is the first of its kind in Australia and the chances of being born with this rare genetic abnormality is 1 in 500 million.

Mrs Artis told The Courier that the money raised on the day was enough to be able to fund between six and eight treatments for Roxy.

The main contributors to the money raised were the major auction, the silent auction, the raffle and donations made from the community.

The celebrity golf auction was also successful, with $6100 donated from five different bidders to secure the golfing services of Mrs Artis, Dame Laura Davies, Matt Stieger, Len Pascoe and Kyle Turner.

Mrs Artis said that Saturday’s event was a very successful one.

“It was an absolutely fantastic day,” she said.

“We had as many people as we could possibly imagine turn up to support the day.

“The whole community came out and really showed their support for the family that we were trying to raise money for, for little Roxy.

“It was outstanding really.

“Roxy’s family handled the day really well and were amazed at how much support they were given.

“Once they settled down and it all got underway they could relax and enjoy what was going on.”

Mrs Artis said that the success of the day was exactly what she hoped for.

“In the back of my mind that’s how I wanted to be, I wanted to have loads of people and be successful and raise a lot of money for the family,” she said.

“You always have that fear of the unknown, and also it was a tough weekend it was the Australia Day long weekend and it was heading into heat week for this area.

“Having not done a day like that in this town you always have that little bit of doubt in the back of your mind but since I’ve moved here I have heard that the

Narrabri community always gets behind events.

“That’s exactly what I was hoping for and that’s exactly what happened.

“There was also that unknown of how many people would be out of town and on holidays.

“But the day went exactly how I had hoped.”

“I can’t thank the local community enough,” Mrs Artis added.

“We understand that the community is in severe drought at this stage so it’s a pretty tough time.

“We didn’t try to go to many people, we opened it up for them to come to us and the amount of support and people that come to us within the local community and even the broader community was amazing.”

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