The 2019-20 swimming season was another successful one for the Wee Waa Swimming Club.

Club president Anthony Gray did a wonderful job leading the club and he thanked the hard-working, dedicated committee members and everyone else who helped the club

This year the club welcomed an abundance of new swimmers from Narrabri who travelled to join members from Wee Waa and surrounding areas.


Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic and the strict social gathering rules that have accompanied it meant that the club’s end of season carnival and presentation could not be held.

However, the club has since announced its 2019-20 season award recipients who are as follows:

Swimmer of the year – Harry Bennett. Harry has excelled this season. He has represented Wee Waa Swimming Club at numerous meets coming away with fantastic results. Harry has shown the club’s younger swimmers what they can achieve through hard work and dedication.

Doreen Horne memorial trophy – Jaxon Gray, Matilda Currey and Acacia Bell. The Doreen Horne Memorial Trophy is awarded to a swimmer who shows commitment to swimming, great sportsmanship’s and is a great representation of Wee Waa Swimming Club within our community. This award has be awarded to three Wee Waa Swimming Club members for the 2019-20 season.
Jaxon, Matilda and Acacia all swam in a national fundraiser ‘Starlight Swim’ where they raised money for sick children with the Starlight Foundation. Jaxon swam 22.4km and raised $2901, Acacia swam 30km and raised $500, and Matilda swam 20.198km and raised $335.

Club person of the year – Paul Cecil. This year’s recipient of club person of the year has gone above and beyond to ensure the club’s swimmers have had the opportunity and skills to improve their technique on a weekly basis. Paul has been one of the main reasons the club has seen such a huge improvement in all our swimmers this season. The club thanked Paul for his time and dedication to Wee Waa Swimming Club.

Most successful carnival swimmer – William Smith.

Runner-up most successful carnival swimmer – Jaxon Gray.

Highest point scores for Thursday night races:
A/B-grade – Matilda Currey with 66 points, C -grade – Nate Dewson with 103 points, D-grade – Lincoln Cecil with 107 points, E-grade – Addison Cecil – with 97 points.

Runner-up highest point score for Thursday night races:
A/B-grade – William Smith with 59 points, C-grade – Jaxon Gray with 101 points, D-grade – Sarah Coutts-Smith with 88 points, E-grade – Emma Gleeson with 78 points.

Most improved swimmers:
A/B-grade – Taneika Cochrane with 9.26 per cent, C-grade – Ted Haire with 9.58 per cent, D-grade – Emma Dixon with 25 per cent, E-grade – Celia Gallagher with 23 per cent.

A special congratulations went out to Sarah Coutts-Smith who had the best overall improvement with 37.69 per cent and Lincoln Cecil for best point score of 107.

Meanwhile Wee Waa Swimming Club hosted its annual general meeting last month. The committee for the 2020-21 swim season is as follows:

Board positions:

President – Anthony Gray, vice-president – Paul Cecil, secretary – Kerry Crutcher, treasurer – Rebecca Dewson, registrar – Lorna Gleeson, club secretary – Paul Cecil, carnival secretary – Carlie Gray, publicity officer – Carlie Gray.

All other annual general meeting attendees and apologies will be general committee members.

Anthony Gray was appointed as club delegate to Swimming New England North West.

A future meeting date was not set due to the ongoing coronavirus restrictions.

The committee is in regular contact through electronic communications and is hoping for a near normal start to swimming club in October, pending government and Swimming NSW guidance.

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