Former Narrabri High School student, Jeremy Wilson, the son of Lewis Wilson and Helen Herden, is weaving a web of success studying spiders in Argentina.

Jeremy shares his story with the community:

“I was a student at Narrabri High from 2004 to 2009 and my favourite subject was always Biology” Jeremy said.

“After high school, I completed a Bachelor of Science degree at Griffith University in Brisbane, followed by Honours (a one-year research project), and in 2015 I began a Ph.D. studying a group of Australian spiders called the ‘golden trapdoor spiders’.

“The goal of my Ph.D. project was to discover and describe new species in this group of spiders, and to better understand their evolution.

“In the end, we discovered over 30 new species of trapdoor spider, and we now have a far greater understanding of the biology of these mysterious animals.

“This information is crucial to protecting them from threats such as habitat degradation.”

Jeremy received the ‘Award of Excellence in a Research Thesis’ for his Ph.D thesis.

The award is given when the examiners of a Ph.D. thesis determine that the science conducted by the student was of a very high standard, and that they cannot suggest any way in which it could be improved.

“Receiving this award was a huge honour, but in reality, the credit should be shared with my supervisors, colleagues, family, and friends” said Jeremy.

“Without their support I could never have completed my Ph.D.

“After my Ph.D., which I finished at the beginning of 2019, I began a post-doctoral research fellowship at Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“At this museum I am working with a world-renowned team of Arachnologists on a new project.

“The entire experience in Argentina has been incredible, but also challenging” Jeremy said.

“I’ve learnt to speak Spanish, and I’ve experienced an entirely new culture, all while studying and learning more about spiders.

“I encourage students of Narrabri High School to take risks in their career and in their early life” he said.

“Life is more fun when it is challenging, and when you are experiencing new things.”

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