A fine sunny day, blue skies and a big inventory of farm machinery, equipment and vehicles drew a large crowd to Saturday’s clearing sale at the Kaputar Road property, ‘Ermelo Hill’.

The event was one of the first on-site clearing sales in the district since the pandemic started and the subsequent relaxation of COVID-19 health regulations.

The sale at Beth and Jim Brown’s drew many people, but the there was conscientious observance of social distancing rules and agents Nutrien Harcourts Narrabri ensured the regulations around the event were adhered to.

The Browns have sold ‘Ermelo Hill’ and have moved into Narrabri.

It was not a social event, as agents Nutrien Harcourts firmly stated in their advertisements, but a comprehensive clearing sale.

However, alongside the big sale, it was also an enjoyable day out for the hundreds who attended.

From the vendors’ point of view it was highly successful.

“The day saw a total clearance,” said Nutrien Harcourts’, spokesman Paul Thomas.

The big drawcard was the comprehensive range of items on offer ranging from a 1960 English Hillman Husky sedan whose heritage reaches back to the 1950s, to a mint condition 1976 Land Rover immaculately restored by car enthusiast Jim Brown, tractors large and small, tools and equipment, furniture and antiques.

The potential buyers included townspeople, hobby farmers and large scale farmers, vehicle enthusiasts, observers, and those interested in co-vendor Malcolm and Julie Roy’s vintage machinery which was also offered for sale on the day.

“There were 240 registered bidders,” said Paul. Phone bidders were also on the line.

It was strictly not ‘a social event’ but the sale was a welcome opportunity, with a sense of the community ‘opening up’, and bringing people together .

“Everyone was in good spirits on a great day” commented Paul.

“We found that people went out of their way to do the right thing and sign the COVID-19 declaration as they arrived. There was willingness to observe the correct public health protocols, and it was all done in good humour.

“It was the kind of event that makes you feel so good about our country community – Len Hall organised five volunteers to come along and help with the parking, we had no worries, they were just there making it happen in an orderly way – and volunteers manned the food outlet.

“There were many people there – Jim and Beth have been such a big part of our community and people wanted them to have a good sale.”

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